Reporters have dirty jobs, too

One of the first days our newest reporter, Amy Phan, was on the job, we had her out in a small outboard motorboat crowded with shrimp pots … in the wind and driving rain. Did you know they use cat food for bait?

Once we found out what good sport Amy was, we stuck her with … uh, assigned her to our “dirty jobs” project. It was up to Amy to videotape people on the job doing mold inspection, sewer plant operation and pet waste composting.

At the pet waste plant, Amy had to get up on a ladder and point her camera down into a churning hopper of dog and cat poop. She nearly gagged.

Then she caught the “product,” still ripe and unprocessed, being fed into a giant drum, where it would slowly turn and “cook” into usable garden compost.

Here’s Amy taping the final product coming out of the bin. By now it’s not so smelly. She even dared put her hand on the bin. Hint to rest of staff … do NOT use that camera.

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