A chicken in every pot and a pig on every Bremerton porch

Seems to me, he wrote in old-timey voice, there was a warnin’ about just this thing. First they’ll want chickens, then goats, then pigs.

Seems it’s true, though I heard it was true before residents managed to persuade the city council to decriminalize chicken raising in Bremerton. The photo you see here is of a pig on a porch of a home in Bremerton. We’re not telling you where, because we’re far too polite to tattle. I’m no agriculturalist, but that there pig looks like a pot-bellied feller.

The photo was sent to me with the question, “Does the chicken ordinance apply to hogs?”

No. Not yet it doesn’t. Even in Bremerton a chicken is not a pig.

We see the movement building, though, if history is any lesson. The chicken movement included those who were already thumbing their noses at the city’s ordinance and raising them in spite of an alleged ban. Most, it should be noted, of those who signed the petitions were not chicken raisers and didn’t have much interest. They just thought those who did should have been able to.

Would they feel the same way about this guy? I’m guessing the legalization of pigs might be a tougher sell, no matter how artsy or cute you make the campaign sign.

3 thoughts on “A chicken in every pot and a pig on every Bremerton porch

  1. A couple things. She is a fixed female pot belly pig. She has resided in Bremerton for a couple years(at least a year before the chicken ordinance passed). She was bought under the assumption that she was a miniature pet belly and would only grow to aprox. 75/80 pounds, which turns out to be a common lie among the world of premium PET pigs.. She is currently about 180 pounds,has a locally respected vet. and attends regular check-ups, all of the neighbors adore her, she attends show-and-tells and meet-and-greets with local pre-school and day care kids at no charge to any one other then the owner…, the local bike cops ride by and stop to look at her sometimes taking time out of there day to talk and ask question’s. Not once saying anything that alluded to anything not being up to par. She is an incredibaly smart animal with a higher I.Q. then a smart dog, extreamly clean, and kind of endering and loveable once you get past her surly exterior. I would like to state for the record that I dont own the animal in question. But am friends with both the owner and the pig and think that someone should speak out on their behalf. As far as the owner has been informed the pig being of non-livestock size or standards, and having been breed spacificaly to be a domesticated pet, is a legal animal to own in bremerton so long as she is below a certin weight. If your worried about the animals waste; being a “soft” manure, is regularly cleaned up and composted for future use in some local flower beds. I hope this isnt the start of a witch hunt thinking people are going to try and have herds of goats out side your downtown window or flocks of guinee hens blocking shipyard/ferry traffic at 4o’clock… when in reality Curly Sue is a loving member of a family, who cries real tears when her poppa is late to put her to bed at night, and squeals with delight and elation when she gets a new toy or treat, or remembers when some one scolds her for weeks at a time and will give them the cold shoulder, until they make amends with the proper amount of scratching and belly rubbing… She is not like any livestock pig that I dealt with when I was younger, she has a personality, she has very evident mood swings from happy to sad back to happy and every extream in between, she will trick you into thinking that no one pets her or love her or feeds her(all are gross lies), she will punk you for your food if you let her. In closing please dont only look at this from the street passing by, assuming someone is trying to taking advantage of something somehow, there is more to this particular situation then just livestock living in bremerton
    Thank-you for your time
    P.s. Please repost this, on the Sun web page, if it is sent to your private e-mail. I would like everyone to have the oppertunity to read from the pets side so they can reach there own opinion..
    thanks again

  2. Thanks for posting, J.S. I had heard a couple years ago someone had a pig. The fact that someone would promise that one wouldn’t grow this large sounds like a story worth telling someday. And I’ve heard pigs are pretty smart. Give Curly Sue my best.

    Sounds like she’s one charming pig, perhaps 10 times more charming than that Arnold on Green Acres, you know what I’m saying?

    Steven Gardner
    Peninsular Thinking movie censor


    (a) Possession of any creature that is venomous, poisonous, or wild is prohibited.

    (b) Prohibited animals include, but are not limited to, lions, tigers, bears, monkeys, chimpanzees, gorillas, cougars, mountain lions, badgers, wolves, hybrids, coyotes, fox, lynx, alligators, caiman, crocodiles, or any venomous/poisonous creature; provided, that circuses, zoos, licensed trappers and animal welfare organizations are exempt from this regulation if proper safeguards are taken, as required in the event permitting process, to protect the public and that the animal control authority is notified of their arrival and duration of stay in the City; provided further, that State-registered wildlife rehabilitation centers are exempt from this section with regard to care and rehabilitation of those wild animals that are indigenous to North America.

    (c) Snakes over seven (7) feet in length are prohibited.

    (d) Livestock is prohibited inside the Bremerton City limits; provided:

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