Kitsap County’s got drivers on its radar

I just filed a story about a federal road safety grant Kitsap County received to place 10 stationary radar signs in speeding trouble spots throughout the county.

Surely you’ve seen those signs that display the posted speed limit and flash angrily if you exceed it … not that I’d know from personal experience. Ahem.

The signs, in pairs, will monitor traffic in either direction along five stretches of road where drivers are known to have lead feet. The five locations were chosen based on residents’ complaints, traffic studies, data on speeding in each neighborhood and accident rates.

The county already has three radar signs, which it moves about to areas of greatest need. The 10 new signs will be semi-permanent.

Look on the map below (click on each pin for details) to see if your neighborhood is one of the chosen. Where else would you like to see radar signs? Do you find them effective?

To comment on traffic in your neighborhood, call Jeff Shea, county traffic engineer, at (360) 337-5777 or email

View Kitsap County Radar Signs in a larger map

3 thoughts on “Kitsap County’s got drivers on its radar

  1. I drive by the one on Augusta Avenue and it’s been there for awhile, before then it was on Columbia Street. The only thing I like is that it only works in the daytime. The solar batteries must not keep it going at night. It drives the radar detector crazy. It is also a good way to see if your speedometer is acurate.

  2. Thank you for your report. Last night at the Commissioners’ meeting, I gave them a page out of the Kitsap County Hearing Examiner’s Findings and Conclusions, page 82 of 117. The following is part of what it said about Northlake Way, “Northlake Way currently does not have wide enough shoulders to ensure pedestrain and bicycle safety.”

    Northlake Way is a residential neighborhood. The Hearing Examiner also noted, “Approximately 97 residential driveways are located along Northlake Way.”

    We asked the three Commissioners to help us with speeding on Northlake Way. The current road conditions for pedestrians and bicyclist is DANGEROUS. Northlake Way is depicted as a bicycle route on the county’s Mosquito Fleet Bike Routes.

    The public is being “willfully” endangered in the Northlake Way neighborhood. With this blog, our Northlake neighbor request the Kitsap Sun to investigate the current dangerous conditions on Northlake Way.

    In our appeal hearing in 2009, over a dozen Northlake Way residents testified as to the hazards on Northlake Way. However, the county is hoping to stick Ueland Mining operations to pay for a new Northlake Way, someday.

    We believe our County Commissioners are reluctant to drop the speed limit because UTF wants Northlake Way to be wide open for the 154 trucks and pups that will haul rock from the wetland quarries from Leber Lane past Erland Point Road to Highway 3.

    Please visit our web page at

  3. I won’t vote on the issue. There isn’t an option that says, “They are a waste of money”. Reminds me of “Reduced Speed Limit Ahead” signs. What’s next? “Stop Sign Ahead”?

    I notice that there isn’t going to be one of these signs installed on the Tremont Speedway where 35 MPH is designated as the speed to not go slower than.

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