Have you seen Bruce?

Brynn writes:

On Monday we made a trip to Clear Creek Nursery to get some replacement shrubs for a few of our plants that didn’t make it through the winter. Heading from Clear Creek Road to Greaves Way toward the interchange a sign caught my eye.

“Did that just say ‘Lost Goat‘?” I asked as we passed.

We’ve all seen “Lost Cat” and “Lost Dog” posters plastered to telephone poles and stop signs, but “Lost Goat”?

Thinking my eyes were playing tricks on me, I went back on Thursday to make sure I wasn’t imagining things.

I wasn’t.

Bruce, a 2 1/2 month old mix Nigerian dwarf/Pygmy goat has been missing since Wednesday, May 25, according to his owner Heather.

Heather and her family live off Greaves Way, right across from Highway 3, on 7 acres. Bruce is the family’s first goat, and her four children — ages 1 to 9 — miss him terribly, she said.

“He’s bottle fed. He’s really friendly, he’ll run up to anyone, especially if he’s hungry,” she said. “He was one of the kids.”

Heather thinks Bruce went missing on May 25 after he was let out to roam the family’s property. (They also have potbellied pigs). Her father was helping her boyfriend install a new appliance and when he left, he didn’t put Bruce back inside, she said.

While he’s a goat, Heather said Bruce acted more like a dog. He followed the kids around, climbed up on their playground equipment with them and even helped mow the lawn. She’s not sure if a neighbor may have picked him up if they saw him roaming along side the road, or if he wandered into someone else’s yard and is now being cared for by them.

She’s called the Kitsap Humane Society repeatedly, but had no luck locating Bruce. He’s wearing a red nylon dog collar, but it doesn’t have her contact information listed.

Heather’s banking on someone seeing her signs and calling her to say they have  Bruce and will return him to their family.

“I’m hopeful,” she said, “but I don’t know.”

After seeing pictures of this adorable little guy, I knew I had to post his missing flier in hopes that I might help get him reunited with his family.

If you’ve seen Bruce, or have him, give Heather a call at: 360-551-7007.

2 thoughts on “Have you seen Bruce?

  1. What a cutie! I hope the family gets Bruce back. I had also seen the signs and wondered what the story was behind them. Thanks for letting us know.

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