Foo Fighters play in Port Orchard garage

Wednesday night, rock celebrities the Foo Fighters played Port Orchard. That’s right. Port Orchard.

As part of a promotional tour for their new album Wasting Light, they’ve been playing in fans’ garages, one of whom apparently lives in Port Orchard. The show got an immediate post-show mention by radio station 107.7 The End and shortly after, a video posted by one of the lucky 50 who got in to see the show:

3 thoughts on “Foo Fighters play in Port Orchard garage

  1. Yeah, I heard mention of it this a.m. on 107.7 – not my station of choice, but was taking my son to school.

    I’m thinking that’s one heckuva nice garage, with the classic cars in the background, big, clean, almost like an MTV set. I’m thinking The End doesn’t hold these shows in just any old garage. In mine, you could fit, like, 5 fans, and the band would have to kick aside the smelly soccer equipment, junk bound to St. Vinny’s and the occasional pile ‘o cat poop.

    Chris Henry, reporter

  2. Was wondering what was happening @ Al’s automotive last night on Bethel. Way to go to get support from the fans!!!!! Rock on!!!

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