Poulsbo webcam is live

Brynn writes:

If you haven’t seen it yet, Poulsbo has its very own webcam overlooking Liberty Bay.

Actually it doesn’t belong to the city, it’s located on Longship Marine’s building (remember Lois Hillman and her venture into the marine supply world? I wrote about her back in May 2010).

Anyway, according Three Sheets Northwest, a sailing blog I follow, sailor Bruce Blumenstein is the mastermind behind the installation of the camera. He moved himself, and his boat, from Oregon and landed in Poulsbo’s Liberty Bay. After settling in, he decided he’d like to have an eye on his boat and thought of the idea to station a webcam overlooking the Bay so he, along with anyone else, could see what was happening in snapshots of real time.

Read about how the camera came to be over at the Three Sheets’ “On Watch” post.

The Long Ship Marine webcam joins the other livecam we often see referenced on the local weather stations, and of course at kitsapsun.com — Dr. Dale Ireland’s cam that overlooks Silverdale and the Olympic Mountains.

5 thoughts on “Poulsbo webcam is live

  1. Sorry Lois! My fingers got typing and my brain didn’t register — I even double checked your last name to make sure I spelled it correct, and didn’t even think about the first name.

    I’ve already fixed it. I included the link to the cam in the post — the “webcam” that is in green and bold is a direct link to the cam.

    Thanks and sorry again!


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