Friday Afternoon Club (Early): Last Call for the Orchard Theatre

We’ve heard the Historic Orchard Theatre is closing. Tonight is its last night. Reporter Ed Friedrich is working on a story.

In an earlier post, Southworth resident James Kelsey indicated that the theater, with other arts venues, was struggling for lack of support. The building has been the site of a number of movie theater businesses that have come and gone. I’d welcome your thoughts on the end of this run.

Did you patronize the Orchard? Why do you think it was unable to survive? What do you think will (or should) go in its place?

One thought on “Friday Afternoon Club (Early): Last Call for the Orchard Theatre

  1. The Orchard was a great place in Port Orchard because it offered a real alternative to the few folks in Kitsap who are not into crappy kids’ movies and mainstream crap. I lived in Seattle for 11 years and had access to the the Egyptian, Grand Illusion, and many live theaters. It’s not easy finding a place that offers a showcase for foreign and indie movies that (heaven forbid!) feature adult language and nudity, not to mention have limited commercial appeal. You will be missed greatly.

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