Port Orchard, Now Open 24 Hours a Day

It became clear to me that I haven’t had fun at Port Orchard’s expense lately. Being the designated defender of Bremerton I am contractually obliged to throw sticks and stones across the inlet.

After the county commissioners meeting Monday night I stopped by the new 7-Eleven on Bay Street to pick up something I would regret later, an apt description of all my visits to Port Orchard.

Don’t take offense. Take revenge. Lob your own volleys at Bremerton, as you did last time I did this, back when there was a Bremerton Beat.

8 thoughts on “Port Orchard, Now Open 24 Hours a Day

  1. Ahhh…Thanks for this Steven. I did not realize how much I needed that.

    We need to come up with one that pays homage to and sums up The Mayor of Port Orchards angry facebook tirade and subsequent jabs at the reporting abilities of Kitsap Sun employees over the Port of Bremerton refusing to pick up the repair tab for the Port (of) Orchard Boat Ramp. hmmm…..

  2. And here I was thinking the mayor of PO might well be taking hold and maybe worth the gigantic salary leap he asked for and received. I don’t think he had been in office a year…bold fellow.

    Do folks really pay attention to raving these days? I thought he had gotten beyond tirades and personal attacks against Kitsap Sun employees or anyone else. He’s better than that.

    There is no competition between Bremerton and PO and both should relish their differences since both have super attributes and citizens.

    Sharon O’Hara

  3. Since it’s beat up on Lary day for telling the truth on Facebook about what REALLY happened in that meeting with the Port, I’ll earn part of that full-time salary by lobbing a volley back at Bremerton, and call it good.

    If you sneak a peek inside the bags the Port hands out to visiting boaters at the shiny new, but virtually empty, $45 million Bremerton Marina we’re all still paying for, you might find a brochure with a photo of the historic ferry Carlisle, that says, “Bored in Bremerton? Then Board in Bremerton.”

    It handily points out the fact that if you moor in Bremerton, after you’ve visited Anthony’s, Starbucks and Coldstone, there really isn’t anything else much worth doing within reasonable walking distance. However, a scenic, 10 minute ride across the bay on a historic boat will open up new vistas of entertaining opportunity.

    The brochure has beautiful pictures of our downtown, and lists all the things we have to do — great restaurants and eating establishments, both live theater and movies, art galleries and picture framing, as well as personal indulgences like massage, hair, nails, pedicures, facials, and more. You can enjoy the camaraderie at the VFW, as well as peruse the almost endless choices our great candy shop, well-stocked wine shop, bakery, florist, and bead store, all offer, as well as use the bank’s cash machine just in case you run out of money to spend in our fair city.

    Heck, you can buy a tractor, a generator, a new car or truck, or even a new boat if the one you came to Bremerton on is just too small. You can also get that tattoo or piercing you’ve always secretly craved, and even bail a friend or relative out of jail — all in beautiful Downtown Port Orchard.

    So while Bremerton has expensive fish statues to look at, we have REAL stuff to do — including now being able to get several different flavors of Slurpee’s 24/7 — without the inconvenience of being blatantly accosted by “Ladies of the evening.”

    So when you’re bored out of your mind in Downtown Bremerton, come on over to Port Orchard where the fun never ends 🙂

  4. Oh yeah…

    There’s way more to do in Port Orchard then just that stuff too… You can safely stroll our downtown, while visiting our eclectic book store which is a treasure trove of interesting books and authors. You can buy some serious, custom made jewelery, fashionable ladies clothing, browse several shops full of antiques, collectibles, and beautiful home furnishings — as well as buy the home to put them all in. And just shortly, you’ll be able to buy premium cigars too!

    And since it’s Christmas, check out all the gorgeous lights that turn downtown into a fairly tale delight. Fish statues? We don’t need fish statues — but maybe someday… 🙂

  5. Good job! You just gave folks a reason for a scenic boat ride to PO… all the stuff you mention is walking distance from the little ferry, right?
    Way better than another turn off rave…in my opinion.
    Sharon O’Hara

  6. “It handily points out the fact that if you moor in Bremerton, after you’ve visited Anthony’s, Starbucks and Coldstone, there really isn’t anything else much worth doing within reasonable walking distance.”

    Now that is not true at all. A good latte at Cornerstone Coffee, a relaxing visit to my wonderful friend Christina who owns the Isella Day Spa, a yummy calzone at Boston’s, a show or event at the Admiral Theater or an easy wander through Amy’s Gallery are all within reasonable walking distance and are more than worth doing.

    Not to mention that there is a certain amount of fun to going downtown, cursing the fish art, the city council members that perpetrated it on us and imagining the hopeful possibilities of random vandalism, tagging or a welcoming freak car accident at that intersection that would take both pieces out completely. Even better if the driver involved is from Port Orchard.

    Sure we don’t have the Hoochie stores that Port Orchard has, or entire weekends dedicated to the work of romance authors and the fans that can’t separate fiction from reality by dressing up as the characters, but oh well.

    Oh and about that ladies of the evening dig, well depends on what time you go to the new Port Orchard 7-11. After the bars let out on Bay Street on Friday and Saturday nights there are plenty “ladies of the evening” to be had and possibly accosted by.

    You’re a good sport Lary:-)

  7. Thanks for pointing out the visiting places in Bremerton too, Colleen. And I love the new downtown, btw… it seems to go with the ‘fish’ and PO can’t (and shouldn’t want to) touch it.

    I haven’t ‘shopped’ for the hay of it – ever and I’m going by memory of what isn’t down (Bremerton) there any more.

    I’ve got a visit to Amy’s Gallery on my priority list. I want to buy Earl’s book and have yet to get down there to buy it.

    I’ve got two old pictures I bought in PO downtown some years ago and never get tired of them.

    A print of Amy’s painting for the Kitsap County History hangs in my entry way.
    Both towns are special as is every other town in Kitsap County. We’re lucky to have the diversity offered to us here.
    Sharon O’Hara

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