The “Boxers or Briefs” Question of the Library World

In today’s story on Kitsap Regional Library’s financial forecast, spokesman Jeff Brody says that library staff is puching for an increase in the system’s library collections budget. They don’t necessarily need many more hard copy books, librarians say. Now that the possibility of new libraries in Kingston and Silverdale is in limbo, they don’t have room for them anyway. The system is in need of more downloadable materials such as e-books and audio books, as the demand for these items is increasing, Brody said. Many more people are getting Kindles an other e-book devices.

So I ask you, have you hopped on board the paperless literary train yet? What do you like about the new method? What are the glitches?

Alterntely, are you one who hasn’t made the switch yet but would like to? Is an e-book reader on your Christmas list?

Or will they be prying that hardcover book out of your cold dead hands?

Thanks for sharing. CTH

7 thoughts on “The “Boxers or Briefs” Question of the Library World

  1. I love the look and feel of books. A home without books is a home without a soul…it doesn’t ‘feel’ right…in my opinion.
    That said, I have a Kindle. I buy and download books, newspapers, magazines to the Kindle whenever I think of it.
    Someday, when I make my dream trip, I’ll take the Kindle and actually read all the stuff downloaded in it.
    Maybe not. Sharon O’Hara

  2. I have the Color Nook on my list for either Christmas or my Birthday. I love to read and find that it is replacing my TV watching more and more as I get older. I am considering purchaing my son a less expensive e-reader this year for Christmas. First off anything that makes reading “cool and more intersting” to him is worth the purchase. Secondly it is the future. He will be the last of the “printed textbook” generation in his schooling. Just as I was the last of the “electric typewritter” generation in mine.

  3. Reading for knowledge, fun, entertainment and mysterious moments of heart stopping thrill will go on in many forms. The printed book isn’t dependent on batteries or an external charge to read it and can be used in an freezing emergency to stoke a fire for life sustaining heat.
    None of our electronic devises can serve so many needs beyond reading as the physical, printed book does.
    The electronic books require a charge to keep going… the old fashioned printed book does not.

    I looked up the Color Nook and if I didn’t already have the Kindle, I’d be interested in it too.
    Invention and research – it is astounding what the human brain can figure out, if encouraged to develop.
    Colleen is right…whatever works to get a child reading is a step forward in that child’s education and life.
    Sharon O’Hara

  4. I love reading and enjoy paper as well as electronic books. However, there will always be paper until they figure out an ereader you can take in the tub! And if they have already, please let me know!

  5. Picked up my Color Nook yesterday for my birthday. Very, very cool. Still working out some of the bugs but the internet looks fantastic on the back lit LED screen. Pretty easy to get online and surf around the Kisap Sun online version. Much quicker and easier to read than on my Blackberry. Not as easy to type comments as on the laptop since the touch screen keypad slows your typing speed down a little. Love being able to surf, update facebook and check email from it.

    And yes, Nick is in love with the Nook and I am already downloading books for him to read for when I am not using it. This will make his reading teacher very happy. To compensate for some old school learning we did purchase him Scrabble for Christmas. His spelling is already improving from playing as a family nearly every night.

  6. I don’t know why I’ve received this message – again – now, June 3.
    (dated Sat, 4 Jun 2011 00:45:40 +0000)

    Is the Google worm I heard about loose here?

    While I’m here though – Colleen is your Color Nook all you hoped for now that you’ve got months of use from it?
    Thanks, Sharon

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