Bremerton to Become Fuel Producer

Artist's rendering of Bremerton's future.
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Now that Bremerton is about to join the ranks of the chicken-friendly cities, word comes that there could be another benefit. The city’s residents could be generating a fuel source.

That may be overstating it, because the city will not allow chicken slaughtering. The fuel generation capabilities might influence that decision, but the city would probably have to stop calling itself chicken friendly.

NPR has a brief item offering that Tyson Foods is in the process of taking chicken fat and converting it into diesel fuel and even jet fuel. The company is making 75 million gallons a year, causing NPR to question what the exhaust smells like.

I don’t know if people raising chickens in their backyards will think this is such a good idea. I mean the whole point of having chickens at home is to grow food locally. A chicken farm like Tyson’s wouldn’t seem to follow in the same spirit as a backyard egg. So while it would be encouraging to have cleaner, more delicious smelling exhaust emanating from that big rig, I don’t see backyard barnyard owners lining up for chickens raised on a factory farm just to help along an alternative energy form.

2 thoughts on “Bremerton to Become Fuel Producer

  1. That was a misleading headline. And the article was about, well what exactly?

    Not about a proposal by anyone to make biodiesel in Bremerton. Not about any plan to collect chicken poop or carcassses. Not about a study saying that the density of urban chickens exceeds the fertilizer capacity of their doo-doos or is sufficient to support a compost or biodiesel plant.

    Oh, I see, it just babbled about a story on NPR about a alternative fuel project by mega-producer Tyson, and the completely unrelated new ability for folks to raise up to 4 female birds under controlled conditions in Bremerton, then it slapped a provocative and even more unrelated headline on top. Almost like if you say 3 unrelated facts in the same sentence, you magically create a relationship. How very FOX news of you.

  2. @lifesaver098

    I would have guessed that by the time I wrote that slaughtering would make the city unfriendly most people would have seen that this was an attempt to be somewhat humorous. Don’t worry, it’s not the first time someone didn’t get that I was joking.

    Steven Gardner
    Peninsular Thinking blog abider

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