Dueling Friday Afternoon Clubs

Brynn Grimley writes:

I realize this is normally a Chris Henry post, but after I read her Friday Afternoon Club entry from this noon I realized there were a couple CK-related events that she didn’t know about, and thus didn’t include. Instead of posting them on her existing entry, I decided to offer up a dueling post.

The two-CK related events are both happening on Sunday.

The first is Petersen Day on the Farm. The event is for the community to teach people about farming in Silverdale, and give people a chance to walk around the 167-acre property. Suggested donations are $8 adult, $4 child (3 to 12), $24 family (4 or more). No dogs. Read the full story about the event. Read about the conservation effort for the farm here.

The second is the arrival of the steel beams from the Twin Towers to Silverdale. The truck toting the beams will be escorted into town by the Patriot Guard Riders, along with police and a number of other motorcycles. The beams will be brought to the Kitsap Mall parking lot, where they will remain for a ceremony and so that people have a chance to see them before they are placed in storage until a 9/11 memorial is built for the community. The beams are estimated to arrive in Silverdale around 6 p.m. To read the latest story about the beams journey across country, check out Josh Farley’s article.

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