Gorst Espresso Update

Like you and Kitsap Sun reporter Ed Friedrich (author of the blog “The Commute”), I’ve seen the sign on the trailer at the site of the old Espresso Gone Wild, letting people know there will be a new coffee stand there soon. It will be called “Espresso Gone Crazy, Same Theme, New Owners.”

I spoke to the property owner, Loma Winslow of South Kitsap, who said she is looking forward to having a new tenant on the property. “I’m just excited that we can see a new coffee shop coming in,” she said.

That’s all she can say for now, she told me.

Ballpark opening is a round mid-July. I’ll get back to you when I have more to report.

Chris Henry, SK reporter

3 thoughts on “Gorst Espresso Update

  1. I wish more of the drive thru coffee stands would concentrate on making a quality drink rather than on marketing shenanigans. Starbucks is not great, but they are fast and have consistent quality.

  2. The espresso stand in Belfair, same owners as the old gorst one, also same theme etc. closed suddenly several weeks ago also. There is now a for sale sign on that property.

  3. 395,000. for the land there. A little over an acre, 195′ of hwy frontage, two curb cutouts. The majority of the land is not cleared and I can’t tell if it’s level.

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