SKHS Baccalaureate: Is There a Pastor in the House?

South Kitsap High School’s baccalaureate service was canceled Monday, essentially for lack of interest.

The baccalaureate, a non-denominational religious service, is at the high school but not hosted by the high school, said Devin Leith, youth pastor of the Family Worship Center in South Kitsap. Leith was in charge of the service this year, but he had a hard time drumming up enthusiasm among community religious leaders and students, who in the past have co-produced the event.

To the best of Leith’s knowledge, the baccalaureate used to be a regular part of graduation rituals; then it kind of just fell off the table. A couple years ago Family Worship Center picked up responsibility for the event, Leith said.

This year, however, “I put up the word and got zero feedback.”

Leith said he’d like to see a number of churches and the students themselves involved in planning for the event. He thinks a little more advance planning might go a long way.

Leith said a Bible Club at the high school that used to be active in planning the baccalaureate is waning or non-existent. If that group were to fire up again, it probably would help generate enthusiasm for the event, he said.

Does the baccalaureate bust indicate a secular wind in South Kitsap? Leith doesn’t think so. There’s plenty of enthusiasm among young people in his congregation and at other churches. “We just need more community involvement,” he said.

So what do you think? Should the South Kitsap community pursue a baccalaureate next year? Check back later today when I’ve been able to get our Web editor to add a place on the new blog for polls.

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