More Trader Joe’s Speculation?

Brynn Grimley writes:

It’s official: Trader Joe’s representatives have set foot on Kitsap soil.

As you can see, there have been some developments since my Trader Joe’s blog post from last week on the now retired Speaking of South Kitsap blog.

As a result of that entry running on the front page of Monday’s paper, I heard from someone, who heard from someone, who talked to some people who claimed to be with Trader Joe’s and looking at retail space in Silverdale.

Wanting to hear the story straight from the horse’s mouth, I called the man who talked with the people claiming to be from Trader Joe’s. (I’m not using his name because I didn’t ask if he was OK with being publicly named as my source).

Last week he was in Silverdale near the Chuck E. Cheese when he and the person he was with came across people looking at the vacant building formerly occupied by Long Drugs. They asked who they were with and they said Trader Joe’s.

Along with looking at the vacant drug store, they said they were also looking at the vacant Circuit City building. (My source did concede they didn’t show any proof of being with Trader Joe’s, but why would they lie?)

They didn’t say anything about signing a lease, but did say they were looking to come to Kitsap. The source also said the Trader Joe’s folks commented this area was one of the more vocal areas wanting to see one of their stores open up.

In my last post I linked to a Facebook group supporting the arrival of Trader Joe’s to Kitsap. I have since discovered more Facebook groups dedicated to trying to woo the company to Kitsap. There’s Kitsap County Would Really Like a Trader Joe’s (with 1,206  members), there’s Bring Trader Joe’s to Silverdale, Wa (they have 2,208 members) and then there’s the group I originally mentioned, Citizens of Kitsap County, Wa Beg For a Trader Joe’s (which now has 833 members). And there may be more.

I called the county again to make sure no permits had been filed since I wrote my post last week. (At this point I’m pretty sure I’d hear from planners if any permits were filed, since I’ve become a medium stalker in my quest to find the truth about Trader Joe’s coming to Kitsap).

Still no permits. So I asked what would it take for the Department of Community Development to be notified if Trader Joe’s signed a lease in Silverdale?

Planner Katrina Knutson told me the county would learn of the arrival if Trader Joe’s planned to make tenant improvements to the building. However, if they decided not to make any changes to the building, they would still have to file for an occupancy permit through DCD.

At this point the county has received no permit applications from Trader Joe’s. Typically businesses don’t file for permits until everything is in place so they can get in and get open as quickly as possible.

This leaves us back at the company’s corporate offices. I called spokeswoman Allison Mochizuki again this week, but haven’t received a call back. While she sounded pretty confident the company’s two-year plan didn’t include Kitsap or Silverdale, maybe Kitsap’s on a three-year plan?

Until permits are filed, I guess it’s all speculation because we know companies typically never confirm an opening until right before it happens. But at least the latest news — Trader Joe’s folks in Silverdale — is more promising than what I wrote last week.

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