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Cafe on my mind

I spent a beautiful day in Bellingham yesterday. It was fantastic – spent with people I love and lots of sunshine. We started off at the farmers market and got some lunch, spent time catching up there, and then went on a walk to the park.


There is something about Bellingham that gets me more inspired than other places. Orcas Island is the same way for me. It gets my creative “juices flowing” and day dreaming of creating my own cafe some day.





As I sit here with my cup of coffee this morning, it makes me wonder what it is about a cafe in particular? Why am I drawn to creating one in our community?





I think my time as a barista at Cafe Destino gave me the taste of what I would love to create someday. A place where I see friends from my community every day, and help make their day a little more special. Where I could serve things that I love most and share them with the world. To create a cozy little spot in Manette is a dream for me.





As the next week starts at work and life picks back up, I know this little bit of inspiration will float away again. But I can count on it to always come back, until I’m ready to take that next step and make that little dream come true.


P.S. Thoughts on a Manette cafe with chickens in the backyard?




One thought on “Cafe on my mind

  1. Bellingham was the place I always stopped to visit my grandparents on my way to Canada for another horse show pulling a horse trailer and the car usually full of kids…a very long time ago.
    They lived right off the highway and the coffee and company was the best – the kind that make good memories.

    Why not a cafe in Manette – wonderful place. Let us know when you open, I’d love to stop for a cup…

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