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The Importance of Being Neighborly

We are so blessed with amazing neighbors, I really don’t think we could have it any better.


Our house here at OurSoundHome is pretty close on both sides of the house to our neighbors, so being neighborly we’ve learned is so important! We had neighbors from a few houses down drop off flowers, wine, and post cards when we first moved in with nice little notes with our neighbors contact information.  We’ve had numerous neighbors check-in after Kyle’s health incident earlier this year.  We’ve also exchanged ideas on anything from keeping the ants out of the house to yucky bugs out of the garden. I’m learning that neighbors that have lived here longer than us not only have fantastic advice for us as new homeowners, but as gardeners, as community members in Bremerton, and to help keep watch over the neighborhood.


We have a very sweet couple on one side of our house, who have helped a bit with our otter situation. When the otters started coming, they helped us construct the make-shift fence to keep them away. That same couple recently left a bucket of these amazing peonies on our patio this week – aren’t they beautiful?!



We returned their bucket with fresh cut flowers from our garden – yellow and pink roses. It’s fun being friendly with your neighbors, and makes our life in Bremerton that much sweeter.


Right now we’re enjoying these in our kitchen and dining room – love the look of these beauties in our home.




Do you have any tips or examples of being neighborly?