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This is the archived material from the former North Kitsap Beat blog, written by Kitsap Sun staff reporter Derek Sheppard.

Whiskey Creek Coming Til Poulsbo

November 5th, 2008 by Derek Sheppard

Yep, Keyport’s fairly well-know steak establishment is opening a slightly different restaurant in downtown Poulsbo.

3 Responses to “Whiskey Creek Coming Til Poulsbo”

  1. Blue Light Says:

    And the City is crafting a plan to keep people from driving to it.

  2. Barry C Says:

    Went with my family: wife, 3 kids, me. Food was okay. Not fantastic. We waited 45 minutes after ordering to get food, some of which was cold. Waitress apologized repeatedly. Cook needs to get a new job. After 3 refills of pop for my kids, enough is enough. Must speak up. Perhaps they will work out the glitches. We will try them again in a year.

  3. Jack Says:

    We’ve always enjoyed the Keyport location and look forward to the new one.

    Now if somebody would just put in a good breakfast spot in Kingston. We miss the Kingston Inn.