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Inagural Post of Money Crusade

I am not sure which is harder – naming my children or naming my blog. 

I would like to thank the Kitsap Sun for allowing me the opportunity to write a reader’s blog for them, even though I only read their paper online. I hope that over the coming months and with your support years I can assist you, the reader, in creating more wealth for yourself and your family.

Guess you might be wondering who I am and why I want to write this blog and why I picked of all things, finances.  Its simple:  I like money.  I like saving money, I like spending money, I like tax refunds, I like coupons, I like raises at work, and I LOVE making my money work for me instead of against me.  What I don’t like – well, I don’t like debt and I don’t like making the rich – richer.  Debt when managed wisely can be beneficial to us all.

Now, I am not just some random person who decided to start bossing people around when it comes to their money.  I actually have some experience and some credentials  (life experience).  I was a licensed loan originator (I.E. I could help you purchase or refinance your home) – that means, I passed a background check through the great State of Washington and I passed a Licensing test, plus took continuing education to make sure I understood the newest laws, requirements, disclosures, and my ethical duties to my clients.  I allowed my license to lapse when the housing market decided to take a dive.  Secondly, I am a professional tax preparer.  This year; I am managing a tax office (did it last year as well), this is in addition to actually completing tax returns for people.

What else, I have repaired my credit (legally) from when I was 18 and stupid – who would have thought that I actually had to pay off those credit cards that were being mailed to me when I will still a student without a reliable source of income.  Plus, I have the most important job in the world.  I am a mom and the CFO of my family.  I am the person who has to figure out the best way to save and the best way to spend. 

I want to empower others, by helping them to learn from my mistakes and by sharing my knowledge with the world.  When I am not sure about something I go to the source.  Not sure if something is deductible on taxes – I read the IRS website or order Publications.  Not sure about the terms of the loan and how best to pay off debt?  I use my financial calculator and calculate APRs, interest rates, and how to save the money interest, pay off debt quicker, and still not affect my familys’ lifestyle.  Kids will always need clothes, food, attention, and miscellanous other school expenses.

Got questions? This is a great way to find non-biased answers to those perplexing questions about loans, credit cards, taxes, saving money, and debt.

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  1. There’s a lot of really helpful information in this blog post. There’s a nice, personal, yet professional feel with the blogger. Looking forward to more blog posts from this blogger.

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