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Dancing Through Kitsap!

Saturday, January 16th, 2010

If you know me, then you know I like dancing. But this is not about me dancing… And if you know me, you may be aware of my adoration of coffee. You may (ormaynot) also know I frequent Central Market… I also adore Poulsbo Perk and the standard-issue Starbucks here in the Northwest…aaaand the bevy over other coffee sources we have in our fair county…

But I needed basil. I get my basil from Central. And also my wheat grass. But I don’t juice my wheat grass. I make cute gifts with my wheat grass… and take blurry pics of said cute gifts…

fun with wheatgrass!

I digress.

I had to get some basil because I am on this mozzerella/feta/tomato/pesto grilled sandwich/pita kick, and the spinach wasn’t doin’ it for me. This warm melty goodness called for basil… yadda, yadda, yadda… from Central Market.

Where was I headed with this *scratching head*…

Well, there I was at the coffee shop there in Central Market (getting my double tall mocha with *just* a splash of raspberry), and my friend Sarah (may I call you “friend”, Sarah? Too bad. It’s out there. You’ll have to deal with the fall-out, I’m not takin’ it back. Nope. Are you on Facebook???) Aaanywho, Sarah said, “Hey. Have you seen the video on YouTube, ‘Where the Hell is Matt?‘” I was all, “Yeah. U-huh…”

She went on to tell me that her friend Rachel made a “Where the Hell is Rachel” video, but instead of traveling the world like Matt did – she (with the help of her camera-man brother Tristan) danced all around Kitsap… I was all, “I gotta see it!”

So I went home and got onto the Google and found the video. I want to share it with you, my fellow Kitsapians! Let’s watch Rachel travel Kitsap in December… dancing in all the places we’ve seen… on a trademark cloudy day… Enjoy! I know you will!


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