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You Should Have Your Ballot By Now!

February 9th is a big day for North Kitsap schools. That’s the day we get to get our vote on. If you have not yet received your ballot, you soon will.

From the NKSD Levy Home:

This levy is not a new levy. It continues a levy, approved in 2006, which expires at the end of 2010. The current level of State and Federal funding for education does not meet the needs of the District to provide the required services to the students. So the residents of North Kitsap are asked for their support at the local level to fill in the money to pay part of the cost of instructional programs, student support programs, and maintenance and operations support of the District. . The existing levy makes up nearly 20% of the overall district budget.

In short, if this levy does not pass, the North Kitsap School District would have to cut services by 20%.

You can visit the NKSD Levy Home to find out more information.

As politics and taxes go, there are always people on both sides making relevant and good arguments. As a parent whose children attend one of the North Kitsap Schools, I have a personal interest here.

At the very least – by February 9th… send in your ballot, and exercise the priviledge we have — to vote.

Have you made a decision?


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