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The Viking Fest – 2010

Like many local families, mine enjoys many of the Viking Fest festivities.

I am still baffled, tho, as to why I still do not own my own set of horns. I almost feel like traitor to my beloved FauxWegian town.

Oh well. I won’t be tarred and feathered. Why? Because I support local business. A lot.


Hips don’t lie.

Also, I force my children to be active members in the community. Parents of active community members are never tarred and feathered.

kid's race

We told our 5 year old if she lost the 25 yard dash, it would make mommy and daddy cry.

After the “race” where “everybody wins” *whatever*… kids are so childish… we headed to the carnival where my 5 year old forced me to ride the ferris wheel. Clearly, I was the rational one.

ferris wheel ferris wheel

And then there is the parade… It was an all-family event this year. I don’t mind tho, it gives my public an opportunity to cheer for me. I love having an opportunity to give back…


Wait. I think this was supposed to be for the children. Whatever.

Oh Viking Fest! What are you without funnel cake and cotton candy?

funnel cake

cotton candy

*Om Nom Nom*

And of course… the Lutefisk eating contest. What would FauxWegia be without her beloved lutefisk eating contest??? Each of the 7 lucky participants got to “eat” 2 pounds of lutefisk. *gag gag gag*

lutefisk eating contest

There were 7 contestants. 6 men, 1 woman. I was pretty proud of my female representative. She took third place… and $25 bucks and a belly filled with 2 pounds of lutefisk.

Personally, I’d rather go home with 2 pounds of funnel cake in my belly.

And I almost did!!! If it wasn’t for that meddling scone, iced coffee, corn dog, curly fries and ice cream cone *raises fist to sky*.

– Jenny is a scattered mom of 3 who loves to dance, spray glitter, and dreams of being famous… You can read more about Jenny at her blog Jenny On The Spot, where she has been telling tales of maternal defeat and digression since 2004. You can also find her on Twitter.

Yeah, so the parade was 2 weeks ago.

I know this is a little late. The Viking Fest in Poulsbo was 2 weekends ago, and I am finally just posting about it now. In my defense, my 7 year-old daughter’s birthday was a month ago and there is still no birthday party in sight. Not that a child needs a birthday party every year… the problem is I told her she’d have a party, so… guess I shot myself in the foot a little bit. I am just  *ahem* a little behind… at least I’m consistent.

But. The Viking Fest. More specifically, the parade. Just look at those Vikings. They are so tough. Don’t mess with the locals!
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