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The Sun Came Out!

a-warm-day-in-april Last Monday and Tuesday were gorgeous days here in Kitsap County. Though I had a list(s) of things that “needed” to get done, I tossed it. I knew we had 2 short days of wonderful, cherished warmth, and no to-do list was going to keep us indoors. Rays of Vitamin D were calling my name…

My older two children had school all day. That just left Lucy (4) and me, to soak up the rays. After lunch on Monday we headed to the Waterfront Park in Poulsbo. Lucy climbed on the anchor, the rocks, she got an ice cream cone all over herself, and we caught up on some “girl” time. We even ran into my friend and Lucy’s preschool classmate. He was very generous and shared his slice of pizza with her. Lucy will never turn down food.

Of course, she immediately dropped all the cheese from the top of her pizza, but… *sigh*…

On Monday night I made a call-out to a few friends over there on the Facebook, “Tomorrow. You. Your Kids. Lion’s Park. Noon. Bring a lunch.” Some of us I brought smashed p b & j sandwiches, while one mom brought these:


*Intact peanut butter and jelly star sandwiches*

Aaaanyway. We spent a couple of hours eating and swinging and talking and swinging. I must have given 134 underdogs (the move where the swing-pusher runs under the swing-er while pushing said swing-er above the pushers head – makes sense?) to FOUR VERY brave and terribly adorable preschool girls. My arms are still sore, but I think they really like me now!!!

At the end of our “outdoor celebration”, we packed up our gear, threw away our trash and discovered one of my friends took my car keys. Accidentally? OK, it was an accident. And it was really all my fault *hangs head*… Had I put my car keys IN MY PURSE instead of tossing them ON THE GRASS… the whole predicament could have been avoided. *sigh*

Alas, it all worked out. My wonderful friend Lisa came to the rescue. She picked up Lucy and Me, drove us to my cars keys, I got her a coffee “thank you” (an iced carmel macchiato thankyouverymuch), and made it back to my van in time to drive home and meet up my older two kiddos at the bus. PHEW!

Ya know… sometimes a day at the park, is not always a walk in the park… but there is always an adventure!


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