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The Top Ten Reasons This Mom Loves Back-To-School Time

back to schoolBut first… when doing a “Top Ten”… does one go from 10 to 1 or from 1 to 10?

I’m gonna count backwards. That way, I can show off my mathiness.

10. The smell. There is this “smell”. It’s not the smell of Fall, but the smell of “Fall is on it’s way.” It’s like the smell of cookies, but nature-ier.

9. New shoes. For mom. I got myself a pair. You should copy me.

8. A sense of “peace is near”… I can do anything for 9 more days. Even be with my own children. I know, I’m a saint.

7. Sunflowers.

6. School lunch snacks in the pantry. This also sucks because I am not a good resister of temptation. *raises fist to curse the Hostess snack cake*

5. The end of guilt is near. At the end of every school year I am so intent… on making sure the kids do some form of school work for X many minutes everyday… and then they will bring world peace. Well, every year I seem to lower my own bar… and at this point a teeny little red ant prolly couldn’t limbo under my intentions. So… back to school means I won’t feel guilty for undoing the previous year’s education.

4. Peace and quiet. Gloray!

3. New backpacks and school supplies. I bought extra so I could have my own stash and feel like a teacher again. I skipped on the denim overall dress though. 😉

2. A break. I love my kids, but kids are work! And much of the summer I have stayed up very late at night to do my own work. Back-to-school means I may be able to get to bed before 1 a.m. and finish the bulk of my “work life” while they are busy with learning.

1. I love Fall. And my birthday is in the Fall. So… bring it, and by “it”, I mean PRESENTS.

But enough about ME… Why do YOU look forward to “back-to-school”?

– Jenny is a scattered mom of 3 who loves to dance, spray glitter, and dreams of being famous… You can read more about Jenny at her blog Jenny On The Spot, where she has been telling tales of maternal defeat and digression since 2004. You can also find her on Twitter.

Summer Reading

In this tough economy, I find I am always looking for very inexpensive or free things to do with my kids. And now that school is out, there is a lot of “doing” that needs to happen.

Yesterday we went to the library in Poulsbo. I know we are not the only family that has visited the library this summer. This was made obvious because it was hard to find a few of the books we wanted to check out. We had to put 2 on hold because each of those 2 books were checked out in all of the combined KRL libraries.

Did you know you can put books on hold from your computer at home?

I didn’t. I tend to just pick from the offerings available at the branch I visit. I’m not a super-inquisitive type, so I missed this “feature” of our library system. I found I was quite pleased to learn I could do some of our book planning from home. With 3 kids, it sure is nice not to have to make a trip just to return home empty handed. Just visit krl.org to get started!

We visited the library yesterday to get my kids hooked up with the summer reading program. Quoting from their site, “Starting June 13th, read (or be read to) for ten hours and receive a FREE paperback and a Kitsap County Fair & Stampede ticket.” It really is a great program to help incent one’s kids to get their reading on, yo 🙂

My 7 year old wanted to get set up as soon as it began, but I pushed it off for other “things” we had to do. So when we got home yesterday, she dug into Junie B. Jones and filled in 2 of her 15 minute spots right away. Meanwhile, my 4 year old daughter sat “reading” her big books on the couch.

If you are looking for some free activity options for your kids, the Kitsap Regional Library offers more than shelves of books too! There are fun events (such as puppeteers, magicians and The Reptile Man) throughout the summer at the various libraries in Kitsap. Click here to find the schedule.


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What to do, what to do…

I hope for this to be the first of many posts of this nature. What is there to do with the kids around here?

The end of school is quickly approaching and if you are like any of the moms I have been chatting with, you may be asking yourself, “What are we going to do when school is out?”

Good question. Are there local activities we can do with our kids when school is out? Of course there are!

Sure, I could load you down with link after link to fun crafts to do over the summer, but I won’t. Nah. I am going to throw two links at you today so you can get those summer activity wheels turning. One link to a website with local resources for moms and families, and one link to a book written by local gals with fantastic ideas for exploring the Kitsap Peninisula. Let’s keep it simple… 

  • PNW Moms. Have you been there yet? It is a FANTASTIC resource. You can locate local play groups, mom groups, library story times, businesses with activities list their programs… There is information on the site about local parks, you can connect with other moms on the site. The options available are many. There are even activites listed for teens… This is not a site only for moms with young or elementary aged children. Take a look. Browse around. Were I a betting woman, I’d bet you’d find something there to look into!
  • Great Adventures for Kitsap Peninsula: Family Fun in the West Sound. It is in it’s 3rd Edition now. I bought myself a copy of the 2nd edition a few years back and I love it. It is a great reference and idea-giver for us Kitsap mamas — and families! I’ve copied a snippet from the Kitsap Adventures website describing the book: Filled with new information about local parks, trails, beaches, museums, and kid friendly activities all packaged as adventures and creative ideas families can do together in our beautiful Kitsap Peninsula

So there you go, families… fellow moms… A starting point to help answer that looming “summer is almost here” question, “What are we going to do???”


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