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Bella Bella Cupcakes…

Hey all you Kitsapers…there’s a new gig in town and man-o-man is it sweet.  This past weekend Bella Bella Cupcakes opened a retail shop in Silverdale and of course we had to hop right in the car for a wee bit of dessert.  Head on over to Oh Happy Days for the full report.  After that head on over to Bella Bella Cupcakes (10726 Silverdale Way) for a treat.  You can even host your child’s birthday party there…no muss no fuss and lots of sugar!

(photo courtesy of Bella Bella Cupcakes)

-Stacey is a mom of two and a wife of one who likes her family (good thing), traveling, reading celebrity gossip (I’m not ashamed), and cooking. You can read more about her and the crew at her blog Oh Happy Days.


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