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in which I express my flaky, feathery fickleness

Pardon me, can we take a moment here to talk about….birds?

Mere months have passed since I confessed my true love for a certain little guy.

American Goldfinch (Spinus tristis)

And, at the time, I really meant everything I said about him and his yellowy dashing-ness.

But a recent stroll at our local Battle Point Park on Bainbridge Island led me over to the duck pond where, lo and behold, my heart was reminded about true love.

There he was, in town for a brief over-wintering visit, the Bufflehead.
Or as I like to call him, heartus skipus.

He swoops, he swims, he dives–he is all water fowl, Itellyouwhat. Plus, he’s ready for any formal occasion.

It’s all there in black and white. Sorry, Goldfinch.

Any birders out there with crushes in this county? Any birds you look forward to seeing in one season or another? Tell me I’m not the only geek one!

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Peace at Battle Point Park

What happens when the sun makes an appearance in this neck of the woods? You grab the kids and dog and dash to Battle Point Park to run down their endless energy enjoy it. That’s what my daughter and I did recently.

Battle Point Park, so named for what happens when your child must leave it, is a large, 90 acre park complete with giant playground swarming with kids and 1 1/2 mile walking path around the park’s perimeter.

You might slide the slides or if you’re lazy like me, bench yourself on the benches.

You might lay low and have a snack in a quiet spot.

You might see a few couples enjoying a stroll.

You might feel small compared to the largeness of your surroundings.

It’s also a great destination to avoid that annual ritual that I never manage to do: spring cleaning.

(I think he missed a spot)

Yes, spring is in the air at Battle Point Park.

To which, I say, Achoo!

So, bring your Kleenex, avoid your chores for one more day, and come enjoy our local outdoors!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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