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Harvest Festival

If you live in the area, good chance you know about the Harvest Fair at Johnson Farm on Bainbridge Island. No?  This year it was Sunday, September 26th. It is a quaint, honest-to-goodness small town Harvest Fair complete with pie judging, music, BBQ, and live chickens. There were pony rides for kids and sheep shearing demonstrations. There is even a contest to see who has the biggest zucchini. No kidding.

Did you go to the Fair? What did you like best?

If you missed it, mark your calendar for next year. The Fair offers a down-home slice of Americana, as well as a fabulous way to spend the day with family and friends!

Photos and post done by Michelle and Wendy

Peace at Battle Point Park

What happens when the sun makes an appearance in this neck of the woods? You grab the kids and dog and dash to Battle Point Park to run down their endless energy enjoy it. That’s what my daughter and I did recently.

Battle Point Park, so named for what happens when your child must leave it, is a large, 90 acre park complete with giant playground swarming with kids and 1 1/2 mile walking path around the park’s perimeter.

You might slide the slides or if you’re lazy like me, bench yourself on the benches.

You might lay low and have a snack in a quiet spot.

You might see a few couples enjoying a stroll.

You might feel small compared to the largeness of your surroundings.

It’s also a great destination to avoid that annual ritual that I never manage to do: spring cleaning.

(I think he missed a spot)

Yes, spring is in the air at Battle Point Park.

To which, I say, Achoo!

So, bring your Kleenex, avoid your chores for one more day, and come enjoy our local outdoors!

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Chillin’ with the Chilly Hilly

Even if the sun hadn’t come out this weekend, more than 6,000 bicyclists still would have shown up on Bainbridge Island for the 37th annual Chilly Hilly bike ride (well, maybe a few less than 6,000 would have participated if it had been blowin’ sideways).

Don’t get the wrong idea.  I didn’t ride.  Have you seen the hills over here?  Some of them do go down, but most of them go up.

Personally, I think these folks had the right idea today.  Ahhhhh, tranquility.

But I did finally go watch throngs of cyclists unload from the ferry.  And there were a lot of them.

Wall-to-wall cyclists trickled out of the boat.  And then some more trickled out.  And….wait for it…yes, more.

Kinda like Noah’s ark if the animals wore spandex and Camelbaks.  Well, excluding the camels since they always have camel backs, don’t they?   Ba-da-ching!

That slow exit off the boat was probably fine since they needed to save their strength for the hills like this:

But most importantly, I noticed a special guest this year.  We wondered what he did for fun on his days off.   Now we know.

Which brings us to this burning question: Have you been naughty or nice so far this year?

Don’t worry if you’ve been naughty, cuz clearly Santa has other things on his mind right now….

*whew* *shakes imaginary sweat off finger tips*

Read more about the Chilly Hilly here.

Click this link to see a fun short film of the Chilly Hilly 2010.

(Updated post to include the short film link.)

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Be sure to visit Wendy at Let the Dog in! where she shares funniness, fact, fiction and photos, and where her dog, Becca, also shares about dog life, right before she lets herself out.  You can find Wendy and Becca both tweeting from time to time as well, or is that “bweeting” if you’re a dog?