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It Takes a Village

Our internet communities have become just as important as our geographic ones these days. People can reach across continents in a split second and touch each other with their words or images.

I often find myself searching for inspiration on the world wide web, after the children go to bed. It is my time to connect with people and refresh my creativity. The other night, while reading a Blog I frequent, I came across a call for help. For action. For Love.

Dana over at MADE wrote about her involvement with the Craft Hope
Pillowcase project. It is a wonderful cause benefiting
children with cancer.

Being a Mom, and someone who sews, I couldn’t just sit this one out. I am working on putting a package together to donate to ConKerr Cancer. This group distributes fun, happy pillowcases to terminally ill children. They have made a huge difference in the lives of so many already. To bring a smile and some small happiness to a family going through something so heart-wrenching, is one of the most important and integral parts of being human. To show compassion. We are nothing without it.

If anyone in Kitsap County would like to join me, leave a comment here with your email address and we can coordinate our efforts.

By using our internet community, we can make a difference in the world we live in!


~Michelle is a mom of 2 who loves to sew, create, thrift~ and to be a Mom. You can read more about Michelle at her blog Falafel and The Bee (formally Noggin’ Toppers), where she has been blogging and creating since 2008.


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Olympia…Not Just a Law Makin’ Place…

 You know what is lying not too far from Kitsap County?  Olympia…our state’s capital.  And you know what it is filled with?  Family fun!  For us, Olympia had always just been a place to pass by on the way to Portland.  However, last September on a rainy (dare I even say the word for fear that it may come back?) Sunday we hopped in the car and went exploring.  This is what we found:
Wolf Haven is a wolf conservation where you can get up close and personal with the rehibilated animals.  They offer kid friendly tours on the hour and also provide day camps and howl-ins (evening programs).  It really is quite interesting to learn about these spectaluar animals.  Wolf Haven is located southeast of Olympia about 15 minutes or so.  They are open limited days in the summer and only on the weekends in the fall/winter.  It is definatly worth checking out.
I wouldn’t touch the real live wolves either if I were you girls…
I don’t know who looks meaner…the wolves or the girls…
He sure had a lot to say. In fact I think he was saying, “Hey tour group…get out of my space!”…
We learned from the pros…
Our next stop was the Washington State Capitol building…the birthplace of our state’s laws.  The Capitol is a massive, beautiful building.  You can either take a self guided tour or jump in on a guided one.  They hand out packets for the kids and welcome visitors with open arms. 
George and his peeps…
A’s favorite part of the capital was the green, springy grass. “It is sooo beautiful!” “Look how it sproungs back up after you step on it!” “I love to run on it!” History making, shmistory making…the Capitol’s got grass!!!
Right across the street from the Capitol is the Hands On Children’s Museum  This museum is a little gem.  We have been going since the girls were wee little babes.  It is small, but very well run, interactive, and kids love it.  And I just noticed on their website that it appears they now have an outdoor exhibit and are currently building a brand new facitlity that will open in the fall of 2011. 
Being amused…
There is also a great little bakery, Wagner’s Bakery, right around the corner from the museum in case you need to grab lunch or a sweet treat.  Not to mention The Lemon Grass.  The Lemon Grass is up the street a bit and quite possibly the best Thai food I have ever eaten.  Yummmyummm!
The final stop on our tour of Olympia was Cabela’s off I-5 in Lacy, WA.  While we are not big outdoor hunter/fisherman (and by not big I mean not at all), Cabela’s is pretty cool for the mere fact that it is filled with all sorts of wild animals.  They may not be alive, but they are still pretty darn impressive.  And you can purchase just about anything you would ever need pertaining to the outdoors.
Look out…Look OUT…LOOK OUT…
And that concludes our whirlwind tour of our state’s Capitol.  I know there is much more too see (like the outdoor farmer’s market for one), but we only had a day.  So go ahead and give Olympia a snoop through.  I don’t think you’ll be disappointed in what you just might find.

-Stacey is a mom of two and a wife of one who likes her family (good thing), traveling, reading celebrity gossip (I’m not ashamed), and cooking. You can read more about her and the crew at her blog Oh Happy Days.


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Bowl me Over

Our area is rich in things to do with the Family. One of our favorites is visiting our local Farmer’s Market (where we have a booth as well as support the local artists and farmers). Lately, though, Mr. Sun hasn’t been cooperating with us, and decided it is going to hide a bit longer. We decided this past Memorial Day weekend to do something to exercise our muscles and brains where we can all wear really cool shoes...inside.

Wanna guess?

I think you’ve got it.


We had so much fun. I always forget. It is something I did as a child all of the time (that and rollerskating). Our girls really enjoy it. Even our 4 year old is able to play. And there are usually minimal injuries. Key, really.

We each have our very unique styles. My husband is a serious Bowler (was on a League as a child~hmph) and is the only one of us to ever get a Strike. Our older daughter launches the ball haphazardly (always fun to watch from behind a chair). Our youngest puts the ball on the ground between her legs and pushes it as hard as she can (This is like intermission. You get up, go to the restroom, get a snack. It can take a while for the ball to actually reach the pins). I, myself, have a unique Ballet-esque style where my right leg goes up behind me high in the air, and my upper body gets dangerously close to the ground. For some reason, this gets a lot of laughs. I think it is the epitome of Grace. But that’s just me *shrugging shoulders*

Whatever gets the ball to the pins, no matter what the style, works.

Love that game.

What do you do for fun when the weather isn’t ideal?


-Michelle is a mom of 2 who loves to sew, create, thrift~ and to be a Mom. You can read more about Michelle at her blog Falafel and The Bee (formally Noggin’ Toppers), where she has been blogging and creating since 2008.


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Goodwill for You and Me

I love to Thrift. Have you heard this term? It is actually a verb now…and I love it.
This area is rich with places to save money. In this economic climate, there is no better time to thrift!
Aside from frequenting Goodwill (in Bremerton and Silverdale now), Value Village, St. Vincent’s, and a multitude of consignment shops, it is coming up on GARAGE SALE SEASON as well! Yes, friends, there is a season. It usually starts in the Spring and ends in the Fall. You fellow Garage Salers know this. I’ve seen you all. Our landscape will now be dotted in little neon poster board signs. Weekends will now be filled with following those signs to find treasures. It is an activity that my kids actually enjoy with me sometimes (Although when bringing them , I am prepared for them wanting everything too).  It gives me a wonderful feeling of community to follow a caravan of people all following the signs and all treasure hunting, together. A village within a village.

Oh the wonderful things to be found! I can’t wait to jump in. In the meantime, I do my thrifting at the thrift and consignment stores. I find many unbelievable deals, and my conscience feels great. I have helped save an item from the landfill. It is so good for our environment. I feel the Earth sigh each time.

In addition to finding those $1.29 pair of designer jeans for me or that $5.00 bicycle, I also take used clothing and fabrics and turn them into something new, or repurpose them.This usually takes a bit of pre-thought on my part, but is so very worth it in the end. There are innumerable tutorials on the Internet that can help you transform just about anything into anything else. This is an amazing time that we live in.

Happy Thrifting.

Where do you find your treasures?


-Michelle is a mom of 2 who loves to sew, create, thrift~ and to be a Mom. You can read more about Michelle at her blog Falafel and The Bee (formally Noggin’ Toppers), where she has been blogging and creating since 2008.

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Sweet September… Let the Chaos Begin!

September, September… sweet, sweet September…

For my family, the start of September is the start of a new season. Fall doesn’t “officially” begin until the 22nd this year (today!), but the heart of Fall for us starts on the first day of school…

First day of school

Oh the excitement of that first day of school!

After 3(ish) months of lazy summer days we head full-on into commitments, schedules and a set bedtime (or we should!).
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Remembering September 11th

Nine Eleven


Four mere syllables.

Those four syllables are arguably the most emotional breaths spoken here on American soil in recent history.

I remember that morning. I was pregnant with my second child. I had awoken early… I knew I was just weeks pregnant, and I was already feeling the stress of all the things that needed to be done before the baby’s arrival. I couldn’t sleep. I decided to just get up and start on that list.

I remember pulling out a few shoeboxes of photos. I tossed them on the bed and flipped on the television. It was 5 a.m. Pacific Time.

My memory feels foggy… even dreamlike. I recall sorting photographs of my son, my firstborn. Then I remember hearing a newscaster… the alarm in his… or was it HER voice. I don’t remember. Was it Katie or was it Matt?

I looked up at the television and saw smoke coming out of the the first building that was hit. I looked back down at my pictures. I sorted another stack.

I looked back at the television.


This wasn’t a movie. It actually took me a few minutes to realize what was happening before my eyes.

I saw the second plane hit. I sat. Stunned. Panic. Disbelief. My husband was in Seattle… he’d have to take a ferry or cross the Tacoma-Narrows bridge to get home…

“What the hell is going on?”

I cried. I broke into a sweat. I grabbed my chest. I paced. I called my husband. I trembled.

And I was hundreds of miles away. I wasn’t even there.

I clutched my belly – where a brand new life was forming…


That morning, I woke up to hope and found despair.

I cannot believe 8 years have passed. I can’t belive 8 years have passed. I can not believe… this ever happened.

But it did.

That baby forming in my womb back in September 2001? That baby is in second grade… she is my heart’s delight. A light in the dark…

My heart's delight.

I received an email from the school district this evening (Thursday, September 10)

On Friday September 11th, the City of Poulsbo is hosting our local Freedom Walk, which is a Nationwide event. Come listen to a brief ceremony at Noon and then join members from the Poulsbo Fire Department, Poulsbo Police, Navy Region NW, Kitsap County Sheriffs, elected officials and the American Legion as we walk together to pay tribute to those who serve our community.

For those who don’t wish to walk; we encourage you to line the path beginning at the Parks & Recreation building on 1st Street as it winds down 1st Street to Sunset, down Jensen Way passing the National Guard Armory & City Hall. Then the route goes up Front Street past Martha & Mary’s and ending at Legion Park. We look forward to seeing you there as we celebrate Patriot Day with the 2nd Annual Freedom Walk.

Poulsbo Fire Department

If you read this in time, please come. I am planning to go. To remember. To honor. If not, take a moment to remember… to pray… for the families affected, the lives of the fallen heroes, our country, our soldiers, our local and national leaders. Whether we agree with the politics that lead us or not… their burden is great. These are not carefree days in America, but hallelujah we still have our freedoms…


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Yeah, so the parade was 2 weeks ago.

I know this is a little late. The Viking Fest in Poulsbo was 2 weekends ago, and I am finally just posting about it now. In my defense, my 7 year-old daughter’s birthday was a month ago and there is still no birthday party in sight. Not that a child needs a birthday party every year… the problem is I told her she’d have a party, so… guess I shot myself in the foot a little bit. I am just  *ahem* a little behind… at least I’m consistent.

But. The Viking Fest. More specifically, the parade. Just look at those Vikings. They are so tough. Don’t mess with the locals!
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The Poulsbo Viking Fest

It’s that time of year again… the Viking Fest (May 15-17) in Poulsbo! If the weather forecasters can be trusted, we should be in for a pretty nice weekend *crossing fingers*. 

The Viking Fest is an much-anticipated event in our family. We tend to enter the Saturday of Viking Fest with reckless abandon. I don’t know what our favorite part is… Maybe it’s the very beginning for us —  Saturday morning. It is then we hit downtown Poulsbo for the the Road Race

Or maybe it’s the carnival rides…

Uh. Hmmm… 

I do know everyone loves the corn dogs and greasy fries and cotton candy and funnel cake… or perhaps we just enjoy local entertainment:

Of course, there is the parade… what kid doesn’t like a parade? There are bands and those funny Shriner guys and… people who throw candy! *nomnomnom*

In any case… I know we’re gonna be there! We will be road racin’, carnival ride-ridin’, junk food eatin’, parade watchin’ AND marchin’… our way to another fun family memory 🙂 See you there?

All pictures are photos taken from our Viking Fest adventure last year — 2008.


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Who is this “Mom on the Spot”, Anyway?

Greetings! My name is Jenny Ingram. I’ve lived here almost 10 years, have been married for 14 years, and have 3 kids… just taking life one day at time. Of course, there is always more to a story than meets the eye. Most of my story is “punctuated” by my children. I credit them for not only my frequent occasional battles with insanity, but for the rebirth of my passion for writing. Look, this is our most recent family picture. Like I said, insanity:

Seriously. This was our Christmas card. 

My muse is my role as “mom”, but like a tree — there are branches. I started writing at Jenny on the Spot (my personal blog) 5 years ago as an outlet for creativity and sanity. It started as a “mommy” blog but has shifted to include other parts of who I am as well. It is there I “get my silly on”. In December I joined Type-A Mom as their Just for Moms editor. I absolutely love being connected with other moms… sharing, encouraging, crying out for help… And now this! I get to combine my “mom-side” with my community! So awesome!

So, for my first post here, I would like to take a moment to introduce myself to you. If you are choosing to use a portion of your time to read these words, the least I can to is let you know what you are wasting spending time on… I figure the best way to get to know me is through the eyes of my children. They are honest little creatures! I recently asked them a few questions about me. Their answers are in order of my children’s age: Joel (9), Olivia (6) and Lucy (4):
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