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Sick is in the Air

Tis the season of the cold and flu *cough* *sniff*

This year the sick bugs seem to be rampant! Maybe it’s just us, but having a Kindergartener, we all seem to catch whatever there is to catch…often.

There are so many methods of treating said germs. We usually stick to the basic rest and plenty of fluids and hot drinks/soups method. Along with the tried and true “cover your mouth if you sneeze or cough!” method.

Whenever there is a virus or cold in the house, my job seems to be to make the food and clean sanitize the entire area. Constantly.

What has worked for us (as far as containing the germs to just one person, or two) is a type of quarantine for the sicky. That person rests in their own bed and everything they come in contact with gets washed down.

A family of four can easily get stuck in the house for a month if a person a week gets sick. UGH.

Desperate times, people.

What do you do for colds and flus? What works for your family?


~Michelle is a mom of 2 who loves to sew, create, thrift~ and to be a Mom. You can read more about Michelle at her blog Falafel and The Bee (formally Noggin’ Toppers), where she has been blogging and creating since 2008.


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Putting Mom on Time Out, The Good Kind

It’s that time of year, isn’t it? I can feel the stress and panic start to creep up behind me like an old, loose pair of underwear. Holidays are coming fast.

Yes, it’s a time to enjoy family and friends and large alcoholic beverages, but somehow for me it turns into striving for the Perfect and completely unobtainable Holiday Experience.

Which is why I am so grateful for the time out I have been putting myself on by going to a moms’ group I love, Mom’s Morning Retreat.

Mothering is, ironically, such an isolating experience. Do you have a supportive group of moms? Maybe you know some moms, but guess what? They are busy moms. Is there any other kind? And your mom friendship consists mainly of comparing notes on best baby foods, best playgrounds, best schools, best healthy lunches or best torture device that leaves no marks.

I have loved having a place to go twice a month where I can talk about real issues about being not just a mom, but being a whole person. Bev Gaines leads the group discussions and gives us all delicious food for thought.

This week we had a service activity of making fleece blankets for foster kids.

Fuzzy fun!

Whether we get deep or just have a laugh, we all leave feeling a little less frazzled and hopefully a little more ourselves.

Which can only help everyone around us, before, during and after the holidays, right?

Mom’s Morning Retreat meets 1st and 3rd Thursdays, Sept.-June, on Bainbridge Island and is open to moms of children of all ages. Coffee, snacks and even child care are provided during meetings.

Wendy is a mom, writer, reader, runner and singer of off-key tunes. You can find more of her writings and photos and ramblings at Let the Dog In! and join her on Facebook and Twitter.

Milky Waters

Ask anyone, I don’t usually rant, okay, I might rant get on a high horse about a lot of things. But here I go, climbing up on that horse….

Did you read that story about the Oregon schools adding Root Beer-flavored milk to their lunch menus? What is that, root beer-flavored milk? Something you get as a by-product at the end of your float? A variation on what Laverne and Shirley drank (or just Laverne, as I recall…)?

The Director of Business Operations said they usually offer plain, chocolate and a third flavor that changes throughout the year. Is it root beer season already? It always sneaks up on me.

And we’re told parents should not be concerned that flavored milks have double the sugar content as regular milk because this milk is non-fat. Excuse me, but isn’t that exactly what we learned was a bad thing when obesity number skyrocketed as non-fat diets gained attention??

Isn’t flavored, nonfat milk going to teach kids to expect super-sweetness in beverages? Isn’t that what I’m trying to un-teach myself in my 40’s? Rather than back off of sweetened drinks, they offer more choices of sweet drinks? How about teach kids to drink plain, old, regular milk with at least half its normal fat content? With no added sugars or artificial colors or flavors.

Ugh. Kinda sounds disgusting, now that I mention it. Who would want that?

Welll, if plain milk is such a popularity contest loser, why not just phase it out completely? I mean, we can come up with some better flavors that those dumb cows. How about Jelly Bean-flavored milk? Or Cheddar Cheez-it flavor? And since they’re starting to bear little resemblance to their origin, perhaps we should start calling these milky waters something else, like “Milck” or “Milq.”

Are ya with me?! Any other flavor suggestions you can think of?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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