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To market, to market!

It may be 46 degrees and cloudy, but guess what? Farmers don’t care! Guess what started up again today—-

I checked out Bainbridge Island’s own market, running every Saturday morning now through summer (oh, summer, where are you?!). For the next few weeks, you may want to first shop for fleece at the market!

They even have wool felted soaps in every color–even soap may get cold!

Amazingly enough, there were loads of fresh greens,

and shallots

and even goose eggs (which I am here to tell you, are not a big zero, they are HUGE).

First day of market, everyone comes out, even a 2-day old baby.

Precious, right?

She was born on the island at the wonderful (and extremely hardworking) Port Madison Goat Farm where they make DElicious cheeses (I’m pretty sure they put that ice there; it didn’t just form on its own).
So bring the whole family to come check out the action at the Farmers Market.
You can’t help but feel the love.

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2 thoughts on “To market, to market!

  1. We were there! Missed the goat, though. We were told it was too cold for the little guy. Did make off with a couple delicious cheeses, however.

  2. We got a great bag of organic shallots for $5…much less than we would have spent at Central Market or Town and Country.

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