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Today I went with a friend to the History and Heritage 2011 Kitsap Antique Show.

It was held at the Kitsap County Fairgrounds in Bremerton by The Kitsap county Historical Society and the Puget Sound Genealogical Society.

We had a blast! Or maybe I should say a blast from the past!

We strolled around and looked at all the different collections, from long ago and not-so-long ago (at least in my mind).

Is it dating myself if I admit to having had one of these when I grew up? I think it might have been pink.

We each brought an item to be appraised.

If you like to see a picture of my script from a Hard Day’s Night head on over to my blog.

We had an educational day filled with stories and tips for storing antiques. Overall it was great to talk with the vendors and stroll down memory lane ~even if it wasn’t mine.

What have you done today?


~Michelle is a mom of 2 who loves to sew, create, thrift~ and to be a Mom. You can read more about Michelle at her blog Falafel and The Bee (formally Noggin’ Toppers), where she has been blogging and creating since 2008.


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