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Peter and the Wolf

Today, I took my family to see a screening of Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf put on by the Bainbridge Symphony Orchestra. This was an amazing blend of onscreen classical music, live puppeteering, and audience engagement.

It warmed my heart to see a packed room (standing room only) with many eager children and adults of all ages waiting to enjoy this classic tale set to beautiful music.

The Kidimu supplied a craft for the children to do before the show started. They all got to make their very own puppets to take home. Fabulous way to direct all of that excited energy!

I actually know a few people in the Bainbridge Symphony Orchestra, but have not had the pleasure of hearing them perform, until now. They put on a wonderful show and were extremely professional. I really loved sharing this with my girls. Not only was it visually appealing, but our ears were open, taking in the story and lively music, as well.

There was a point where the puppets paraded through the audience so that everyone got to see them up close.

They also had all of the puppets and actors in the lobby afterward so that the kids could ask questions and touch the puppets.

It was a lovely way to spend a morning in our very own community.


~Michelle is a mom of 2 who loves to sew, create, thrift~ and to be a Mom. You can read more about Michelle at her blog Falafel and The Bee (formally Noggin’ Toppers), where she has been blogging and creating since 2008.


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