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For the Love of Harry Potter

Hi, I’m Michelle and I’m a Harry Potter fan.

Feel free to admit this along with me (if you are ,of course). It’s liberating.

I do have a daughter that shares my affection for the books as well as the movies. We have read the books 5 times each and seen the movies…well I lost count, really. We love them all so much.

Many a party and Halloween were spent in Hogwarts attire. We even have made our own wands from this great tutorial. So much fun!

I find that sharing this passion is a wonderful common link between my almost 11 year old and me. Something that we can share. Something that brings us together. I think as she is getting to that awkward age, it is detrimental to our relationship to continue sharing something. Anything. But literature is a bonus.

Today we saw the first part of the last Harry Potter film. It was great! I took my daughter and her friend to the Kingston Firehouse Theater. If you have never been, I can recommend it to you now. The seats are comfortable, it wasn’t extremely crowded, and it’s local! We actually showed up an hour before, expecting it to be sold out, but were pleasantly surprised to find out there wasn’t any danger of not getting in. Fantastic!

The last 6 films were on and off in my book as far as accurate depictions of what J.K. Rowling wrote. The last movie (Half-Blood Prince) was entertaining but disappointed me in a way because they cut so much of the book out- and then made up a few scenes that were never in there, for good measure. Grrrrrr.

After seeing the Deathly Hallows, the girls and I had a discussion about how it was and if it felt true to the book. All three of us agreed they did a good job.

Although it was definitely one of the darker films (and there were several people there with kids under 5 in the theater~ don’t get me started), it was well done.

So if you’re looking for something to do, and are old enough to do it (it is rated PG-13 for good reason), I can highly recommend cozying down with this movie in our own community’s little gem of a theater and some Harry Potter excitement!

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