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Mark Your Calendars! A Diaper Drive on November 14th!

baby-in-diapersDiaper drive alert!!! Please come by the front doors of Central Market in Poulsbo between the hours of 11 and 5 of Sunday, November 14th!

Bring diapers, buy diapers there or feel free to leave a donation for the purpose of buying diapers for Kitsap County families in need! The purpose is to get LOADS of diapers to have ready for a local outreach event. If you want to donate, but that day doesn’t work for you, please contact Jenny Ingram at jenny [at] gmail [dot] com…

On Saturday, November 20th… a local church (Christ Memorial Church) will be hosting Operation Day of Hope. The purpose of this event is to provide assistance and services to the needy in my local community… Kitsap County. The list of services is impressive – from basic needs to practical services to pampering.


I want to thank Central Market for their monetary donation as well as allowing us time and space to collect diapers and share with their patrons about diaper need and how they can make a difference locally. I also want to thank my husband and friend Lisa who will be manning the table without me for a couple hours! Talk about love and commitment!

If you are local, I hope that you will be able to come by and make a donation… Another way to help would be to share this page link on Facebook, on Twitter, in email to local friends… Spread the word!

And if you are not local, but cannot be contained and just have to help some baby NOW – here is a link to Amazon wishlists for diaper banks across the country!
– Jenny is a scattered mom of 3 who loves to dance, spray glitter, and dreams of being famous… You can read more about Jenny at her blog Jenny On The Spot, where she has been telling tales of maternal defeat and digression since 2004. You can also find her on Twitter.

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