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Iron Girls

In September my friend Diana and I increased our chances of becoming Mothers of the Year by loading up our girls and run/walk the Iron Girl 5k.  The Iron Girl’s mission is to empower toward a healthy lifestyle.   The Iron Girl was held at Green Lake Park in Seattle this year.  The following is how it all went down. 

First we had to check in the day before.  When you check in early you have the opportunity to peruse the vendors at the expo. I have to say that this expo had some pretty decent swag and the girls did a good job loading their swag bags. Of course what vendor could refuse those faces… The alarm rang early the next morning, but the little troopers donned their shirts and race numbers and looked especially speedy even though it was before 7am…We made it to the start line with literally a minute to spare. Teams Chica Azul and The Lovett Girls were ready to rock this thing…I haven’t ever participated in a women’s only event before and I have to say that it was quite moving. The air was charged with good cheer and positive attitudes. Women of all ages, shapes and sizes were ready to run/walk. Moms and daughters held hands and wore matching shirts. As I crossed the start line with my two girls hanging onto my hands I got misty eyed at how proud I was of them for being willing to embark on this little journey with me. And I was so so proud at how awesome they did…running about half the course and always being upbeat. A even got tripped and fell at one point, but she brushed it off, braved her tears and kept going. Such little troopers…As we crossed the finish line the girls ran their hardest, we clasped hands again and all finished with an awesome time of 51 minutes. Diana and G were right on our heels and as they crossed the line Diana started to cry because she too was so proud of her little girl’s first race…and then had to laugh as G turned to her and said, “Whoohoo! Now I get water!” We all received gold medals and the girls proudly wore them for all to see… It was a wonderful mother-daughter experience and the perfect opportunity to show our 6 and 8 year old girls that we females are strong, powerful, and can do anything they set out to accomplish! 

I encourage you to try a “race” with your kids.  There are all types of fun runs around the area and most are geared to families.  Often times proceeds go to a good cause, so not only are you showing your children that health and movement are important, but you may be helping others in need.  Plus the feeling of finishing is such a sweet reward.  As I tell my girls, “We don’t have to win.  We just have to finish with a smile on our faces!” 

-Stacey is a mom of two and a wife of one who likes her family (good thing), traveling, reading celebrity gossip (I’m not ashamed), and cooking. You can read more about her and the crew at her blog Oh Happy Days.


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