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Olympia…Not Just a Law Makin’ Place…

August 15th, 2010 by Stacey Lovett
 You know what is lying not too far from Kitsap County?  Olympia…our state’s capital.  And you know what it is filled with?  Family fun!  For us, Olympia had always just been a place to pass by on the way to Portland.  However, last September on a rainy (dare I even say the word for fear that it may come back?) Sunday we hopped in the car and went exploring.  This is what we found:
Wolf Haven is a wolf conservation where you can get up close and personal with the rehibilated animals.  They offer kid friendly tours on the hour and also provide day camps and howl-ins (evening programs).  It really is quite interesting to learn about these spectaluar animals.  Wolf Haven is located southeast of Olympia about 15 minutes or so.  They are open limited days in the summer and only on the weekends in the fall/winter.  It is definatly worth checking out.
I wouldn’t touch the real live wolves either if I were you girls…
I don’t know who looks meaner…the wolves or the girls…
He sure had a lot to say. In fact I think he was saying, “Hey tour group…get out of my space!”…
We learned from the pros…
Our next stop was the Washington State Capitol building…the birthplace of our state’s laws.  The Capitol is a massive, beautiful building.  You can either take a self guided tour or jump in on a guided one.  They hand out packets for the kids and welcome visitors with open arms. 
George and his peeps…
A’s favorite part of the capital was the green, springy grass. “It is sooo beautiful!” “Look how it sproungs back up after you step on it!” “I love to run on it!” History making, shmistory making…the Capitol’s got grass!!!
Right across the street from the Capitol is the Hands On Children’s Museum  This museum is a little gem.  We have been going since the girls were wee little babes.  It is small, but very well run, interactive, and kids love it.  And I just noticed on their website that it appears they now have an outdoor exhibit and are currently building a brand new facitlity that will open in the fall of 2011. 
Being amused…
There is also a great little bakery, Wagner’s Bakery, right around the corner from the museum in case you need to grab lunch or a sweet treat.  Not to mention The Lemon Grass.  The Lemon Grass is up the street a bit and quite possibly the best Thai food I have ever eaten.  Yummmyummm!
The final stop on our tour of Olympia was Cabela’s off I-5 in Lacy, WA.  While we are not big outdoor hunter/fisherman (and by not big I mean not at all), Cabela’s is pretty cool for the mere fact that it is filled with all sorts of wild animals.  They may not be alive, but they are still pretty darn impressive.  And you can purchase just about anything you would ever need pertaining to the outdoors.
Look out…Look OUT…LOOK OUT…
And that concludes our whirlwind tour of our state’s Capitol.  I know there is much more too see (like the outdoor farmer’s market for one), but we only had a day.  So go ahead and give Olympia a snoop through.  I don’t think you’ll be disappointed in what you just might find.

-Stacey is a mom of two and a wife of one who likes her family (good thing), traveling, reading celebrity gossip (I’m not ashamed), and cooking. You can read more about her and the crew at her blog Oh Happy Days.


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    That George is kinda hot.

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