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Tis the Season – CORN MAZE!

Hooray for a rainy day at the corn maze!It’s that time of year… corn maze season. It’s time to bring out the rubber boots, mittens, hats, umbrellas, and pick them pumpkins! Tis also the season to warm-up by the fire and make gallons of hot cocoa. And coffee.

A little treasure popped up in our community last year – the corn maze at Sunrise Hill Farm in Kingston.

I know there are many local mazes and patches… all of which have their own distinct fun and charm. We are so fortunate to have such great choices!

I would have to say that right now, the kind of fun at Sunrise Hill Farm is my favorite, and my children’s favorite. My daughter’s preschool went last week, and I am now home all toasty-warm after another afternoon of wandering a Sasquatch-shaped corn maze:

Sasquatch shaped corn-maze

…and eating hot dogs purchased from the quaint concession stand at Sunrise Hill. You might be familiar with some of their unique & delightful bouquets often found at Central Market.

A Sasquatch-shaped corn maze alone would be reason enough to head out in the drizzle and chill. For the sake of the children, that is… But what makes this place so fun for my family are all the “extras”… kiddos can go into the barn and jump in the hay:

Jump in the hay!

There is a preschool-aged trike area:


If the corn maze is just too much, a smaller hay bale maze can feel more managable, for those who are directioanlly impaired like me:

hay bale maze

The kids can get their energy out on Hay Bale Mountain:

Hay Bale Mountain

There are also llamas and horses… a fire pit… and flowers! There’s a u-pick flower garden!


And of course… pumpkins. There are pumpkins of all sizes, but my little Lucy wanted one she could tote around:


Sunrise Hill Farm is open just one more week! You can get more information from their website. You can find info on other local corn mazes at this site.

Please leave a comment with YOUR favorite fall outing spot! It’s always great to find new treasures!


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4 thoughts on “Tis the Season – CORN MAZE!

  1. Hi Jenny,
    I stumble across your blog when searching for articles about the Kingston Corn Maze & Pumpkin Patch. I am the middle daughter of the owner, Chris. I want to thank you for your kind words about Sunrise Hill Farm and the corn maze. I am so glad you had a great visit, despite any rainy weather.

    The gorgeous flower gardens you saw were created by Farmer Kim (Kim Williams is the yougest daughter) and our resident botantist. As you pointed out, her regular job is to provide the gourmet bouquets to Central Market and the like.

    We love knowing what parts of the farm you loved the best so that we can expand upon them for next year. We welcome any comments about what you might want to see added as well.

    Thanks again, and hope you can visit next year!
    Michelle Rogers
    Kingston Corn Maze & Pumpkin Patch
    at Sunrise Hill Farm

  2. I remmeber growing up in Illinois we use to go to my uncles farm and he always made a huge corn maze after he had the ears of corn picked. My brother and I use to spend hours in the maze. So much fun and didn’t cost a penny either 🙂

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