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Wrapping-up the School Year

u_619The end of the school year stresses me out. Not only does my mind reel over what I am going to do with my kids for an extra 8 hours a day, but — what about teacher gifts? And also, whatarewegoingtodoalldays(s)!!!

Earlier this week I stumbled upon a great site — Tip Junkie. Now, while I consider myself “craft-capable” (I own a glue gun and more scrapbooking supplies than I will admit to publically *ahem*)… I will also state that I truly believe that when I gave birth to my third child I also birthed out my last ounce of “all things crafty”. Therefore, discoveries of sites like Tip Junkie make me feel like there is still hope, and while I will never be able to reclaim the placenta from my last birthing experience, it is entire possible I may be able to reclaim that last ounce of “all things crafty”.

Maybe I took that too far. Nah…

Moms and dads, whether you have 1 child or 7, there is never enough time. In my life, the things that get cut as a result are usually what I consider “fluff”. However, sometimes “fluff” is just the thing to add spice and smiles to our family. “Fluff” doesn’t need to take a lot of time. It does not need to be expensive. It may take some effort as far as planning or creativity, but it doesn’t have to sprout new gray hairs. 

And that is why I fell pink-puffy-hearts in love with Tip Junkie’s post about end of the year celebrations. See the picture of that lunch sack – easy, but has impact!  I am a “less is more” kind of gal. A lil-somethin’ is better than no-somethin’. I find when I do “more” my heart turns black. Stress. I figure something from a loving lil-somethin’ heart is better than “OHMYGOSHSHE’SSOCREATIVE” with a mommy face of angry eyes and clenched teeth because she blew her budget and only got 3 hours of sleep for all that crafty “love”.

We have a little time left to put a little brain power into ushering in the end of school. When our kiddos walk in the door after that last day — it could be as simple as putting down the vacuum, tossing your kiddo’s backpack to the side, and grabbing his/her hands and doing a “Woo-Hoo It’s Summer!” celebratory jig. Or, if you are a working parent… when YOU come home, toss your breifcase to the side, grab your kiddo’s hand and do the jig then! … Instead of tracking down a roll of butcher paper ($$$), I may utilize our white board and make a little sign for the kids to come home to:

u_621Every family is different. I know my kids are BIG into the sign thing. And food… Some families may go to a special dinner, go on a bike ride, have a movie night, make ice cream… buy a pool. I dunno. I’m just saying recognize your child’s accomplishment. It’s a big deal to them and when we show them our excitement it pours huge servings of goodness into the hearts of our darlings… who will undoubtedly torture us with “I’m bored” for the next three months, but I’m not going to focus on that. Yet.


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