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In Loss and Living

On Saturday afternoon, my husband received a call from a friend saying his sister-in-law died in an accident and they (he and his wife) were headed to the scene.

Our hearts dropped, and Paul left quickly to meet them.

If you read The Kitsap Sun, it is likely you read about Miriam Snyder. The Kitsap Sun published a lovely article about her on Tuesday. 

My husband and I did not know Miriam, but our dear friends are her family. And right now… our friends are hurting. The afternoon of Miriam’s passing, my friend’s teenage daughter (Miriam’s niece) updated her Facebook status: 

Life and death are so interchangable. We live in a society that focuses so hard on holding on, that we forget that it is all about letting go. Why do we loose those dear to us? When all is right with the world, that’s when calamity comes crashing down. If love comes softly why does death steal so roughly?

*grips chest* Profound.

Times like these seem to bring those involved – closely or peripherally – to a point of reflection. Perhaps these events even bring some to a point of reassessment – our lives, dreams, goals, motives… What seemed important suddenly seems trite. Somehow such loss highlights the true needs of our hearts… our souls.

I will speak for myself. In times like these I find greater patience with my children. I look at them and hold them longer. The joy inherent in their little beings is easier to see, to appreciate. The kisses to my husband’s lips hold more… the embrace of a dear friend lingers…

The Sun article ended with a quote about Miriam Snyder by her son, Derek. I’d like to end with his words. I was moved so deeply. He paints a beautiful picture of the love a mother and child share… the impact a mother can have in her child’s life. I can only pray I leave such a positively lasting impact in the lives of my own children.

Whether traveling or staying the night at grandma’s house, she always taught us to leave our surroundings in better shape than you found them,’ he wrote. ‘How fitting that, in leaving us, she left everything at least a thousand times better than it was before.


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