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Yeah, so the parade was 2 weeks ago.

I know this is a little late. The Viking Fest in Poulsbo was 2 weekends ago, and I am finally just posting about it now. In my defense, my 7 year-old daughter’s birthday was a month ago and there is still no birthday party in sight. Not that a child needs a birthday party every year… the problem is I told her she’d have a party, so… guess I shot myself in the foot a little bit. I am just  *ahem* a little behind… at least I’m consistent.

But. The Viking Fest. More specifically, the parade. Just look at those Vikings. They are so tough. Don’t mess with the locals!

My family started the day in our usual fashion – the road race. I skipped the run for myself this year, but all three of my kiddos did their age-specific dashes. I feel gold medals are in our future. But this year, they were content to get their participation ribbons and Otter Pops.

After the kid-dashes we headed to the carnival. With a 4, 7 and almost 10 year old, we had to be creative. The oldest plowed  around the carnival with a couple of buddies and their parents. My husband & mother-in-law took our 7 year old to her choicest rides… while I got the youngest. Of course we rode the carousel. Three times.

Looking back, I wish I had not been so arrogant about how uncool it was to ride the carousel. Unbeknownst to me, my brave little Lucy eventually convinced me to go with her on The Slide of Potential Death or at Least Utter Fear and Horror:

Oh sure. The picture makes it look like a kiddie ride. Do not be fooled. It was fast and there was not enough space at the end to stop. I saw Lucy tense up as we were practically FREE FALLING. But as we reached the end she was as pleased as punch. I, on the other had, found I couldn’t stop my fear-induced shaking for an hour. 

After the carnival, we filled our bellies with corn dogs and curly fries. My husband took the oldest and youngest to do who knows what while I took Olivia to get ready to walk in the parade with the Kitsap Children’s Musical Theater group.

I made the nicest discovery there! All the parade participants lined up on 6th – a mostly residential street. We waited in the heat for nearly 2 hours. *melts* Toward the end of my rope our wait, we passed by Kathy’s house:

After sitting/standing/swaying in the heat for two hours… ultimately under-prepared because –who knew it was going to be such a hot day??? … We had a lot of thirsty paraders. As we began making our way to the parade route, we passed Kathy’s house. Kathy had set out a table with water and sunscreen! For ALL the parade-ers to use! 

ALL the parade people. Like, even the high school band kids. Multiple junior high and high school bands. Apparently they were very thirsty young people too!

I just want to take a moment to thank Kathy for her thoughtful efforts! I just thought what she did was simply delightful. Kathy, you are a true gem! 

We finally wrapped up the day by helping at the KCMT booth and caught quite a few songs by a talented local band, Cold Note. Of course, my kids and I had a bit of a dance off. That’s how my family rolls. I try to steal the show, but one of my kids always comes up with a better, more killer move. I shouldn’t be jealous though… I should just be proud. Right?

And with pure exhaustion, we made our way back to the car… and now we have a 11.5 months to rest up for next year.


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One thought on “Yeah, so the parade was 2 weeks ago.

  1. I think Debbie and I had on those EXACT VIKING HATS ?? IS that what you call them…Hats ?? I have pictures…I am not crazy…I will get them on here somehow…
    Love ya…Auntie Robin

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