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Flirting? Crushes? Already???

Do you remember when it started? Were you 4? 6? 9? Maybe 12? 

I remember my first crush. I remember chasing Him on the playground in first grade. I remember the moment I “fell in love” with Michael *swoon*… First grade, circa 1980. He looked just like Elvis.

Fast forward nearly 30 who cares how many years. Trivial. I took my daughter to play practice this afternoon. (GO Kitsap Children’s Musical Theater!!!) Olivia wandered in while I stayed in the car with my 4 year old daughter and 9 year old son. Within minutes I felt as if my hawt little minivan was a bloody carcass being circled by hungry sharks. 

No, it was worse! A gaggle of giggling elementary girls circled my van when they discovered my son was safe inside. The ring-leader came up to my window and inquired, “Is that Joel in there.” I looked her in the eye in my rearview mirror – searching for cues from my son. Should I answer yes… or should we make a break for it?

I couldn’t see him. He had hit the floor. Poor kid. I did hear a voice from the back… “Mmmfmfmsfmfmfm”.

“What, Joel?” I asked as my eyes crossed a little.

“Those girls are my and Z’s Arch. Enemies. At. Recess!!!”

I turned to the ringleader and said, “Yep. That’s him.”

The sharks girls proceeded to the back window to taunt and tease and giggle. 

As the girls and my boy engaged in elemantary flirtations my mind went back to my first day in Mrs. House’s class… *begin dream sequence*

I walked into a bright, happy classroom. My eyes found the class sitting in a circle around Mrs. House. She was reading them a book. Probably The Giving Tree… as my glance settled in… I saw him. Him. Michael. *sigh* My eyes lit up, and my first grade heart lept. Our eyes met, and I remember this next part like the day I was born it was yesterday… We held each other’s gaze, but for only a moment… for he could not contain his excitement and he went from “criss-cross applesauce” to his knees. He frantically  waved and yell-whispered across the desks, “Hi Jenny!!!”

All year we chased each other all over the playground. That was a great year. *closes eyes*


Aaaand the cycle continues… Oh dear… 


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