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A new young gun comes onboard with Rougheart MMA Journal, and (stuff) gets real…

My name is Cody Lemley. I am 22 years old and have been an mma junkie for the last 10 years. I remember the first fight to get me hooked when Randy Couture gave Tito Ortiz a thorough beating over 5 rounds to capture the light heavy weight crown. I have never been the most athletic guy on the planet but have trained in BJJ and Boxing because of my love for mma. I rarely miss a live UFC event and if i do i stream it asap. I am not your typical fight fan. 90% of all  fans worship two names; GSP and Anderson Silva. I think they may have little understanding of the big picture. They are naive MMA fans, kind of like the Sea Hawks crowd blowing up fan base in the recent years. I met my bro Josh about 7 months ago and we hit it off instanlty. I hope to work along side him and give the hardcore and  mid-level fans alike some insight into local and pro mma . I know with my fighting knowledge and Josh’s writing expertise, along with our combined love of MMA this will be the s*#!!!!!!!!!!

   (This update was edited and approved by Joshua Beranis of Rougheart MMA Journal without any authorization by the Kitsap Sun or their affiliates.)

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