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Cage Warrior Combat’s last two shows shatter the earth, and why I want to see a rematch between Montgomery and Blaski:

Cage Warrior Combat, now more than ever, is becoming a fierce and epic spectacle for local MMA fans in Kitsap County and beyond. The last two cards have been slammed, bolth with spectators as well as a large number of bouts. I was nervous in May, when Jeff Holcomb (Valholl Brewing, CWC Sponsor and Security-Head) informed me that promoters Tad Bremer and Mingo Reyna had a card stacked like what I thought of as a Jenga tower. It did not appeal to me right away to have to sit through such a heavy event, but HLY S$$$ did they deliver a good show.

Everything came together for each of the May bouts, and they got a long awaited female bout for their card. Another female bout was held again on June 8th’s incredible card. This is something that really does appeal to me, because women don’t seem to fight the way men do. Women just have something incredibly potent to bring into the cage, no matter how you cut it. Its brutal, its serious, its honest, and dare I even say it… its probably one of the most attractive things I think a woman can do. A woman entering a Mixed Martial Arts closed cage competition, putting a middle finger up to the whole world. I want to stand up on my chair and flick the whole world off with them.

In May we saw Amy Cadwell go up against Cheryl Chan. This took on such a gritty form that I felt within the first two rounds that the two actually had unfinished business with eachother on the outside. Know this; that if you come to these events thinking a woman can’t throw down, you’re stupid. Would you go in there, fat off your cheetoes, just after a nice week long session of farting through your sweatpants while you watch ESPN highlights, to duke it out with a gym’s prize female fighter? A fighter who tortures herself against the mats to overcome the jeers of ignorant armchair spectators shouting sexist remarks from the sidelines. I would love to see one of these ignorant loud-mouthed couch-potatoes with their tapout ball-caps get a decent wedge to the cheek from Cadwell, who took the fight with Chan into the third round and defeated her by judge’s decision. It was the first of the bouts that night to make it three rounds. Epic…

And for June’s female bout we saw Jaime Gonzales of Team Mean go up against Yvonne Alameda of Northwest Elite for a vicious take-down and submission during the clinch in the third round. These women come in flying at weights from 115 to 150, and for the spectator begging for more, it truly is a sight to see. You don’t know how good it is unless you’ve been close enough to hear skin and cartlidge spread like butter beneath a furious strike. Cage Warrior Combat brought that.

Andrew Ramm of Hybrid, fought and won, in his pro-debut (after a serious string of amateur wins), against Jack Santenn of Northwest Elite, this time with another vicious manuever, which I was thrilled enough with to approach Mr. Ramm and tell him so. It was a rear naked choke, which Joe Cleere actually had to remind me of via the facebook page. This manuever is likely the courtesy of his determination on the mats, and the tuteledge of Joe Cleere, Ramm’s head trainer. Andrew Ramm every time! I lost my composure when I saw the armbar sink this time. I lept from my seat, I raised my beer high, spilling some of it on my notes. Hybrid is legit. Joe Cleere was nice enough to cater to me during an experimental gym try-out to get a taste of the hard work these men need to go through in order to make it behind the cage doors. For the average exploritory jerk like myself, Cleere will give you all the basic dynamics. Combos, adrenaline fed cardio challenges, etc, some intro to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with the assistance of qualified professionals… But for Andrew Ramm and the like, devoted and trustworthy competitors, passionate about the sport as well as responsible in its applications, the training is in private, personal, and strictly off the record.

Andrew fights on June 29th at Clearwater, against Eric Ramsey. Ramm vs. Ramsey, main event. The Reign Fighting Championship, headed by Washington Superstar Bristol Marunde, scheduled to fight against Viscarde Andrade in upcoming UFC 163. Tad Bremer, Cage Warrior Combat promoter is questioning Marunde’s reasoning.

“I’ve seen Eric Ramsey fight. He’s a monster,” says Bremer. Bremer voices open concern about the match, as well as voicing his open distaste for a fight promotion being held in his own promotion’s back yard. “I’m (going to) start to have to get tough about this with my fighters,” Bremer added. A promotion within reach of The Point Casino’s event center has potential to tug local Kitsap fighters away from Bremer, who has been at work with Cage Warrior Combat since its beginning days out of The Baymont Inn and Suites ballroom in downtown Bremerton.

Marunde has scored fame and reknown on behalf of his involvement in FX’s The Ultimate Fighter Series, as well as being eyed favorably by Dana White and signed on to compete in UFC 163, as well as appearing on very short notice against Clint Hester. Hester took Marunde in a knockout with a first-second elbow.. which I thought was pretty clever, but kind of dickish and repulsive.  

According to Bremer, Marunde was once a close friend and business partner, but their affiliation with one another became rocky around the time that Marunde branched off to take his Mixed Martial Arts pursuit and training to Vegas. The rivalry now bares its teeth for the public on June 29th when Marunde brings an all-ages outdoor show to Clearwater Casino. Marunde’s facebook page has posted about it, but.. “I’ve yet to see any promotion concerning it,” says Bremer. “I guess we’ll wait and see.”

The arrival of a dueling promotion in Kitsap marks the beggining of local visible competition between casino fighting events. So far, Cage Warrior Combat has sucked in the most local sponsorship, maintaining close partnership with Valholl Brewing of Poulsbo, Fingers Duke Design Studio, and most recently Primal Combat.

Marunde’s Reign Fighting Championship will have a lot to compete with as far as the show itself is conserned too. CWC’s last two events have been absolutely explosive. Matt Kovacs of Arlington Kickboxing Academy has been arriving steadily, ruthless in his demeanor and hostility, as well as having a tendency to dominate the upper weight class for the event.

Andy Paves of Ivan Salverry MMA  and Justin Larsson of Twin Dragons most recently fought it out into decision as the main event. Paves’ win was not well recieved, and Paves himself announced immediately that he believed Larsson to have taken the win.

Lupe Hudgens of Underground Fight Team and Arjay Murphy of Mabjj and Tacoma Boxing Club provided the bloodiest fight I have ever seen live. The fight was so blood-soaked, that from forty feet away from the cage I could make out the coppery smell of the blood, and the two were struggling for footing for the rest of the three round bout, ending by Lupe Hudgens taking Murphy with a slippery submission.

Jacob Boysen opened a deep gash in Colby Hoffman’s head that began to gush immediately and almost ended the bout in the first round, but when the judges and trainers saw that the bleeding had slowed, Hoffman was encouraged back into the octagon to complete the battle. The bout went three rounds and ended by Boysen taking the win by unanimous decision.

As far as the fight between Will Montgomery and Jake Blaski was concerned, I was thrilled at the match-up. I love to see a good local ammy bout, and Montgomery goes back to my favorite local fight between himself and Oregon native Stephen Wing of Redneck Militia. Montgomery lost that bout after a remarkably memorable three-round battle against Wing, who ended up taking Montgomery out with strikes in the third. I also had the opportunity to spar in a half-serious wrestling session with Montgomery, who weaved his way around my arms and legs at every turn, causing me to groan in sincere pain each team. At one point, Montgomery pretty much sat on my face to force back my arm into an unbearable position. Wing and Montgomery remain two of my absolute favorite ammy fighters, and the CWC bout the two competed in back when I first started remains fresh in my brain.

When I heard that local Jake Blaski, who has been known to bounce around with Hybrid from time to time, and who I have seen appear more than a few times with CWC, was fighting against Will Montgomery with Full Circle Fight Club at his back, I did a back-flip. It was a bold move, as bolth fighters compete locally. 

The manuever that Blaski used to take down Montgomery in round one, was a smooth criminal of a knee-bar. Blaski was grasping the cage during the manuever, loud and clear for all to see on the side of the cage where he had grabbed to assist in taking Montgomery down. It was still a good manuever, regardless, and decisions are decisions, but I would love to see a bold rematch with the potential to go into three rounds. Will Montgomery needs to be appearing in the gym under the instruction of James Bergstrom and Bobby Lawrence,and he needs to be doing so on a regular basis. People know his face at the gym, and I still want to see him win. Jake Blaski is a great guy, and an excellent local competitor, so if he could take Montgomery in a knee-bar once, surely he could do it again. I just want to see it happen. It was a great idea, and will gripe about it untill I die unless it happens. 



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