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Battle at the Boat 91 on 23 March, my first shot at covering boxing

On 23 March, I am going to be making a progression toward boxing. I will be attending Brian Halquist’s popular Emerald Queen promotion “Battle at the Boat”. This will be their 91st installment. Boxing is incorporated into MMA training, and I have seen its place in the Mandala of fighting techniques and schools within the MMA world.

I have seen wrestling take its place in the sport, as well as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I have seen boxing take a strange form, and martial arts of all sorts, from the secret arts of Arnese, to the popular mainstream arts such as boxing and Tae Kwon Do. They all have a place in MMA.
Boxing is still alive and well, and today’s boxing idols are even highly revered by the head fighters in the professional circuit of MMA. I am sure quite a few local pros would love to see how Floyd Money Mayweather stands against them in the cage.
That isn’t what this is about though. I am not asking about which sport is better, which is more important, etc. I am looking for origins, more fight-language. This will improve the MMA coverage.

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