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Join me in the “Cutter Club” at the Point Casino, tonight after the MMA event…

I have a lot of thinking to do, and notes to go over. There are dozens of atheletes arriving to this evenings Cage Warrior Combat event, and the writing will start immediately. So you will find me after the lights dim around the cage, enjoying a fine cigar and a glass of cognac in the luxurious Cutter Club cigar lounge as I put some words to paper, and possibly even interview some of Kitsap’s great fighters.

4 thoughts on “Join me in the “Cutter Club” at the Point Casino, tonight after the MMA event…

  1. Good luck1 I once took Judo 40 or years ago and worked out in the open – no cages. Why does your sport work out in cages?

    1. I think the question is “why does this sport have to be in a cage?” This sport was once even more controversial than it is today. There weren’t always great gyms dedicated to the safety of fighters, the likes of which you will see in Kitsap and throughout Washington. Likewise, the rules of play have developed and evolved around such motivations. Referees have come a long way in all this too, so imagine the crowd that pioneered this sport. A very rough crowd. The cage was originally for protecting the fighters from the crowd, and keeping the octagon clear for a fair bout, or so I have been told, and I don’t doubt it. Now I would imagine it has a lot of emblematic significance, but the same applies. Protect the fighters, keep the fight fair.

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