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Happy Holidays from Rougheart MMA Journal. Hope to see you all on the first of December.

Save that date people. Get on Brownpaper tickets and get your seats while you still can. I’ve heard a rumor that this “Pummel At The Point” is going to have quite the crowd.
We have Matt Kovacs, Carl Edwards, Dustin Praxedes, our favorite Oregonians from Red Neck Militia, and you’d better believe that all three of our gyms from Bremerton are going to be pumped up and ready for a fight.
Yours truly is going to be stepping into the cage for the first time as well, against Valholl Brewing’s Jeff Holcomb. Tag me on facebook, and shout out to your favorite fighters. Contact me if you want interviews.
Have a safe and happy holiday season. Hear from you soon.

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