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Conversations both on and off the table: Dustin Praxedes the man, and the fighter.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone to discover that he is an MMA fighter. Even his speech is particular, as if he is prepared for verbal debate. He also has the type of energy which strikes me as that of someone you wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of, but I am no psychologist. It could just be that I wouldn’t personally want to get in a bar-room brawl with him. He’s just a bit intimidating up close and personal.
So when I asked Mr. Praxedes about his training regiment for this December 1st “Pummel At The Point”, and he told me “it’s top secret,” with a very serious look on his face, I accepted it as a subject left off the table.
I can honestly tell you that there is a good reason to be excited about his up and coming bout. It has a lot to do with his attitude, which is reserved, serious on a business level, but positive. You could probably pit him in against St. Pierre right now and he would still feel confident. In case someone might feel that is my bias speaking, I am not talking about any certainty that he will triumph, but rather, that he himself feels certain. Good for him too. A record he has not been altogether proud of has been shaking him a bit, and after one victory and a no-show in October on behalf of his opponent, Dustin is starving to climb from the well with every intention of putting his soul into the effort.
“I hear people say it all the time to me,” he tells me from across my kitchen table. “Just getting in the cage is enough because it takes guts. That isn’t good enough for me. If that’s true, than why isn’t just waking up good enough?”
I’ve heard it in the form of a Sikh maxim before. The first act of courage for the day is getting out of bed.
I speak with him again Monday, and meet up with him for a serious one on one, and some pointers for my own bout against Holcomb. I’m down to 214 now from 226 lbs, and still dropping. Keeping it going, and absorbing any inspiration I can from those I have been watching enter the cage on a regular basis.

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