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Drama on the road to the cage

Apparently because the event I’m fighting at is at the casino where my wife works, there has been some drama. Someone who knows me there was kicked out last night for bothering Theresa about how they can’t believe I’m doing this. I have a bit of a reputation as a mushy hippy Buddhist geek, and that reputation isn’t inaccurate. I will always be more writer than fighter.
People need to understand something, and it is time I make it clear. Yes, I am getting into that cage with the all out intention of winning, and if I see the bout going south for me I will not be going down without a fight.
Again, so nobody is confused, I am getting this under my belt in order to improve how I cover this sport for the Kitsap Sun. The goal, the ultimate goal, is to get more support from Kitsap for these fighters. This is a great sport, and I don’t understand why I cant be covering it every day. There is a huge fan base out there, and legitimate atheletes for them to become acquainted with in their own county.
Rob Ironman Cann, RJ Hoyt, AJ Webber, Carl Edwards, Kyle Cavazos, Jake Blaski, Dusting Praxedes, and tons of other up and coming talents. This is an exciting, even gut wrenching sport, that deserves coverage to a highly technical and detailed degree.
That is why I am going in against Holcomb. He is from the old school of cagefighting, when it was starting out, and has never been in a sanctioned fight. He is tough as nails though. He once grabbed a man by the neck and held him over a balcony for getting fresh with my wife. Which is why she is so concerned about me doing this.
But I need to. For a number of reasons I need to. I want this to be what I do.
Its all about dropping weight now too. That and building leg arm and abdominal strength.

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