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Month In, Running Hard, Jeff at two gym workouts a day. Am I in for a whoopin?

My wife is concerned at this point. I have been running, yes. In fact I did a four mile trek to and from my house Thursday that has left me with wobbly legs and half-broken spirits.

Jeff tells me he is in the gym twice daily now. This is good news. The strain of the fight being only a month away is causing me to step it up a bit on the excersises and running. Down to two full sprints, one in the middle of the run, and one at the immediate end. Leading it right into sets of push-ups and sit ups. Still concerned about stiking techniques. Going to youtube some basics and see what I come up with. Will have to impliment striking into the workout. Hard balance with kids and work in addition to trying to squeeze in training. Very impressed with our local fighters balance of these particularities.

2 thoughts on “Month In, Running Hard, Jeff at two gym workouts a day. Am I in for a whoopin?

  1. Josh, being your grandfather, I’m a little concerned you might injure this Holcomb fellow. I hope you realize he’s doing this for a living.
    I can’t make it there for the fight, but if its on Pay Per View I’ll be watching it here in Wisconsin.

    1. Thats funny. It will be streamed online from what I hear, but not pay per view by any means.

      People say this is crazy. Good. I want people to understand that I’ve been struggling. This hasn’t been easy. Not on me, not on Theresa, not on the kids, and definetly not on my paycheck. I am going to get in the cage, and take the risk. I still have a lot to cram in to the next couple weeks. The real issue is that when I come to these events as a writer, I need to know what is racing through the fighter’s heads. I need to know how it feels to be thrown to the wolves with an audience of screaming half-drunk spectators spitting and jeering at me. Up untill now, I have been nothing more than a screaming half-drunk spectator.

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