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What Is It All?

The gathering of grown men for the undertaking of serious brutality to one another, and for the sake of bettering themselves whether by winning or losing. It is a serious and often devistating venture for the personal spirit. I had been disheartened when I heard someone who had been at this a lot longer than I have been say to me “Oh, I didn’t realize you were new to this sport.”

Yes, I am new. I am new to the sport of Cage Fighting, but not to what it represents to me. I am the typical bullied male, and for those of us who had been the bullied ones, only we know the strange fears of a mind willing to think brutally, but hesitant to act with brutal intentions. I had known a great teacher who had said to me “intention is everything.”

I now owe it to the disheartened, who have placed me in a position of willing defense. This is not an easy sport to perform, elaborate upon, promote, or record. It is ancient, and sacred. Neitzsche had said “The only proof of strength is excess of strength.” This is a sport where only excess of strength can place you above the sphere of mere attemptors. Being humble among this crowd might serve me well.

Those who promote must do so with as heavy a heart as those who enter to compete in the cage. It is all “The Cage”. Life is a cage, and any title derived there from. I will sleep tonight discouraged, but not defeated. Inspiration will have to be drawn from those who I have seen, willing and ready to either stand or fall for the short memory of their successes, and ready to except their individual fates. The sport has so far presented me with good men, and men who seek good.  Consider me among those who seek good.

Yours Truly,

Joshua Scott Beranis

A Rough-hearted American

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