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Employment: More people looked for work in May



The May employment report for Kitsap contained at least one promising nugget.

Kitsap’s labor force (the number of people either employed or looking for work) grew by an estimated 740 people between April and May, according to the state Employment Security Department. Employment among Kitsap residents didn’t grow over the same period, in fact 140 fewer people were working in May.

Still, it can be seen as encouraging that more people are seeking jobs, rather than dropping out of the labor force.

The slight drop in employment coupled with the rise in the labor force spiked Kitsap’s non-seasonally adjusted unemployment rate to 6.1 percent (see chart above). Unemployment in April was 5.4 percent.

The statewide labor force also grew in May, while Washington employers added a modest 4,000 jobs. The seasonally-adjusted unemployment rate for Washington held steady at 6.1 percent.

“This is the lowest monthly job gain so far this year,” state labor economist Paul Turek said in a news release. “Meanwhile, our workforce grew, but the unemployment rate stayed the same because the proportion of job seekers who got work about equaled those who did not.”

Washington employers have added an average of 6,560 jobs each month this year.

Kitsap jobs


Kitsap companies employed 200 more workers in May than in April, and 200 more than in May of 2013.

The private sector added an estimated 400 employees between April and May. Government jobs dwindled by 200.

The full labor area report for May is below:

Kitsap employment up, labor force still shrinking

employmentFamiliar employment trends continued in April, with the number of jobs in Kitsap increasing, employment among its residents growing slightly, and the labor force shrinking.

Kitsap Jobs

Kitsap employers added about 400 employees between March and April, according to the Employment Security Department (see the chart above). Those added jobs came from construction, retail, hospitality and local government, among other trades.

Employment in the county continues to outpace 2012 and 2013 as the busy summer season approaches.



The county unemployment rate fell to 5.5 percent in April, in line with the statewide trend.

Kitsap’s labor force (the total number of workers and job seekers) declined, dropping from 116,320  to 115,110. Meanwhile, 80 residents started jobs, raising the number of employed to 108,770. The combination of those factors caused the unemployment rate to fall by 1.1 percent between March and April. Continue reading